Operator Class

EAGLE Gear is a DLC Gear Set in The Surge.


EAGLE Gear details

"Everyone knows that workplace safety is, of course, a top priority at CREO! But, it's always better to have a contingency plan in case an unforeseeable accident endangers employees. At CREO, that plan takes the form of the Search and Rescue squads. Light, strong, and durable, EAGLE gear enables S&R specialists to move swiftly as they step into danger, heroically braving unknown hazards as they remove innocents from harm's way."


EAGLE Gear bonus

" Wearing a full set of EAGE gear grants each type of equipped healing injectable an additional charge."


EAGLE Gear Pieces


EAGLE Gear Location/ Where to find

  • Obtain by dismember: ①EAGLE enemies in the lower CREO World; ②Squad Chief Helvig Boss.


EAGLE Gear Tips & Notes



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