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EAGLE Gear is a DLC Gear Set in The Surge.


EAGLE Gear details

"Everyone knows that workplace safety is, of course, a top priority at CREO! But, it's always better to have a contingency plan in case an unforeseeable accident endangers employees. At CREO, that plan takes the form of the Search and Rescue squads. Light, strong, and durable, EAGLE gear enables S&R specialists to move swiftly as they step into danger, heroically braving unknown hazards as they remove innocents from harm's way."


EAGLE Gear bonus

" Wearing a full set of EAGLE gear grants each type of equipped healing injectable an additional charge."


EAGLE Gear Pieces


EAGLE Gear Location/ Where to find

  • creo world iconObtain by dismember: ①EAGLE enemies in the lower CREO World; ②Squad Chief Helvig Boss.


EAGLE Gear Tips & Notes

  •  ??


Gear Set
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    • Anonymous

      Remember that the bonus applies to every implant individually. For example, 4 implants give you 12 injections (3 each), with this set's bonus you'd have 16.
      That is fantastic and offsets any extra damage you would receive from mediocre defenses.
      Add dodge and run (both) stamina bonus from the legs, impact AND attack speed bonus from the arms, it's a much better set than it seems at first sight.

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