A Walk in the Park is a DLC pack for The Surge. It was released on December 5th / 6th 2017.

A Walk in the Park DLC Content

Welcome to CREO World, the amusement park built for CREO employees and families!

Forget your cravings for cotton candy though – CREO World was not spared from the disaster. The entire park is a death trap, where roaming rescue teams have gone insane and robotic mascots patrol freely, patiently waiting for new visitors to offer a deadly welcome.

CREO World presents a wealth of fresh challenges for players. Originally built to celebrate CREO and its mission, the park is a radically different setting from the rest of the complex, full of branching paths and secrets to discover. Survive the raging mascots and explore the park's attractions, before taking on a fearsome boss in the devastated park. Face this new threat, cutting and equipping 16 all-new weapons, new sets of armor, and new implants to upgrade and further customize the way you want to play.


New Weapons

New Gear Sets

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      Bit hard to add content to a site that doesn't even follow up to verify email addresses to allow account creation, didn't you ever wonder why so many comments are from 'anonymous' lapdragon?

      • Anonymous

        Near the beginning of the level where there's an elevator, there's a broken staircase above with a treasure on it. It's possible to make the jump from below if you stand on the rocks by the wall and jump to the right side of the staircase. Treasure contains 4000 tech scrap.

        • Anonymous

          If anyone else keeps checking here for updates: even if you didn't purchase the DLC, there are new implants scattered through the main game (The the exception being The Nucleus). Most are in Central Production B, but to get all of them you must have access to Circulation Tower and R&D and possibly the security rig. Happy hunting :)

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