Operator Class

LYNX Gear is a Gear Set in The Surge.


LYNX Gear details

"LYNX gear is third-generation CREO Exo-Rig technology, customized to suit the evolving needs of our Field Technicians. Its lightweight construction and ease of use guarantee unparalleled flexibility! Micro-laminated alloy surfaces and modest Core Power requirements make for a versatile set of gear, suited to many challenging tasks of machinery enhancement."


LYNX Gear Bonus

"Wearing a full set of LYNX gear grants increased attack speed while at or near full health.


LYNX Gear Pieces

LYNX Gear Location/ Where to find

  • LYNX gear is worn by all enemies in the Assembly Halls and Power Plant, making it the first gear set you will find in the game. 


LYNX Gear Tips & Notes

  • LYNX is a light armor set with low Stability but good mobility and very low stamina usage.  
  • Acquiring the full set grants increased attack speed while at or near full health
  • Can mix in with a few RHINO Gear pieces for increased stability and armor.

    • Anonymous

      08 Feb 2018 15:54  

      Its just a shame its so barebone and sort of ugly. My fashionsouls is kicking in and I just can't make myself wear it.

      • Anonymous

        02 Jun 2017 03:59  

        The stamina cost reductions and attack speed increases make this set very appealing despite it being the very first set you can acquire

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