Elite Hazard Gear

Sentinel Class

Elite Hazard Gear is a Gear Set in The Surge.


Elite Hazard Gear details

"Elite Hazard gear is required for employees whose duties require them to risk exposure to toxic substances, and includes a full vapor-proof hazmat shell-rebreather. Hazard Response squads employ a variety of 11 neutralizing canisters, and in the case of a spreading fire, they work in pairs to trigger controlled concussive shockwaves that extinguish the flames. "


Elite Hazard Gear bonus

"Wearing a full set of Elite Hazard Gear alters the effect of your drone's Emergency Coolant Vent Ability, causing it to instead vent a cloud of toxic gas."


Elite Hazard Gear Pieces


Elite Hazard Gear Location/ Where to find

  • Research & Development - flamethrower and grenade launcher enemies.


Elite Hazard Gear Tips & Notes

  • Wearing the Elite Hazard helmet prevents you from taking damage from any form of toxic gas, including the clouds from grenades. It does not protect you from the contact damage of a grenade hitting you, however.
  • Wearing Elite Hazard legs on both leg slots will protect you entirely from toxic/acid spills.
  • The Elite Hazard set does not protect you from the effects of slowing gas, such as that released by smelter bots.
    • At Mk.I, the Full Gear Set provides 70 defense
    • At Mk.V, the Full Gear Set provides 177 defense
    • At Mk.X, the Full Gear Set provides 274 defense


Gear Set
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    • Anonymous

      so i can just wear helmet and double legs and then have gorgon for the rest of my gear in situations where its needed? also, whats the point of liquidator armor then if this does the same but it also immunes you vs gas grenades and not only toxic floors?

      • Anonymous

        This set is extremely underated, the toxic gas drone ability can be ignited with fire attacks, IE: fire ladybug boss claws/fire staff. It does a LOT of damage too. Really cool way to play. :)

        • Anonymous

          Smelter bot slowing gas is ice. It's freezing you, making you brittle, then crushing you with its hot smasher.

          • Anonymous

            By far the best armor set in term of Def/Core power ratio + plus the ability to protect you from hazard environment. Very underrate armor I must say.

            • Anonymous

              Just FYI, the Elite Hazard helmet protects you entirely from all forms of poison gas (environmental, launched by the grenade hazard enemies, released from broken containers etc.) and wearing two Elite Hazard legs will prevent you from taking ANY damage from acid floors.

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