Weapons in The Surge are the player's primary offensive option and will be varied in application. It is not yet known what the specific weapons are but this page will be updated as more information about the game is released.  Blueprints for weapons can be acquired by severing them off of an enemy. The components you need to build them can be found from exploring. There may be rare components you can only get by killing a particular enemy in a particular way, or have a few limited ones in specific scenarios like opening up a secret area or doing a certain thing like completing a big quest line.[1] 

Weapons (similar to armour) have a Impact state (stability for armour), Impact works similar to Stability but is a measure how much force your weapon produces when you attack. Typically large, slow, heavy weapons have high impact compared to small but more nimble weapons like twin-rigged or staves. Impact is how likely you will stun an enemy with each blow, allowing you to interrupt enemy attacks easier. Making heavy weapons more suited to aggressive relentless attacks allowing you to constantly stun the enemy, while lighter impact weapons being more suited to hit and run attacks. unlike armour weapons have 5 impact types: Very high, High, Medium, Low, Very low. (very high being able to punch through most enemies without stopping and very low doing almost nothing). Bare in mind, enemies have armour too. The stability of their armour will affect your weapons effectiveness at stunning them.

In The Surge, all weapons fall into 2 categories Handheld Weapons and Rigged Weapons, and five sub-categories One-Handed Weapons, Staves, Heavy-duty Weapons, Single-rigged Weapons and Twin-rigged Weapons.


One-Handed Weapon Information




 Attack Speed

 Proficiency Scaling

 Energy Gain

Base Damage

Reclaimed Piston Medium Medium Very Low +40% 20
ASTir Vibro-Cutter Medium Medium Medium +30% 20
MG Caldarium Low Medium High +55% 20
SERU HSS Overloader Medium Medium Very High +45% 18 
Severed Rotor Blade Medium Medium Medium +35% 21 
S&R Falcon Medium Medium High +30% 19
tamahaac Tamahaac Low Medium High +40%  20
tamahaac_dx Tamahaac DX Medium Medium Very High +25%  27
 golden_war_axe Golden War Axe Medium Medium Very High +25%  27
FENRIS A-7 Low Medium Low +20% 24
Codename: Siegfried Medium Medium Medium +20%  20
Codename: Parsifal Medium Medium Medium +45% 24
Codename: Parsifal v2.0 Medium Medium High +45% 25
MG Centurion Medium Medium Very High +20% 25
Experiment_44H_Dark_Star Experiment 44H 'Dark Star' Medium Medium Very High +45% 18
Mimetic Edge Medium Medium Very High +20% 131




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    • Anonymous

      seems liake a good place to drop my weapon type tier list (garbage to best):
      5. Heavy-duty: garbage - slow animations, low dps, fully stagger dependant(which is not to be relied upon), first decent weapon acquired after half of the game is finished
      4. One-handed: almost garbage - medium at everything, good at nothing, animations suck ass
      3. Staves: one-handed but with good range, kinda unique animations, spitfire's triple poke melts every enemy in the game like butter
      2. Twin-rigged: interesting to play, timing reliant, firebag is fun to use, dash attack is garbage so bosses are gonna be somewhat harder
      1. Single-rigged: somewhat boring to play, dash attack is op which suprisingly makes it the most agile and stamina/dash reliant weapon type, mind-boggling energy generation, a really good weapon(pax) drops from the very first boss

      • Anonymous

        Experiment 44H 'Dark Star' is a one-handed weapon with medium impact,medium attack speed ,very high proficiency scaling and +45% energy gain. You get it from a mob on the 2nd floor of the nucleus after having successfully made it to the 3rd floor and activating the panel there.

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