Liquidator Gear

Operator Class

Liquidator Gear is a Gear Set in The Surge.


Liquidator Gear details

"Rated for the handling of corrosive materials, Liquidator gear is surprisingly resilient. Manufacturing the atmospheric payloads for Project Resolve creates some chemical byproducts that are dangerous until fully processed. But, thanks to the hard work of CREO Liquidators, these chemicals are always being recycled into inert forms and prepared for future reuse! "


Liquidator Gear bonus

"Wearing a full set of Liquidator gear grants bonus additional elemental resistance."


Liquidator Gear Pieces


Liquidator Gear Location/ Where to find


Liquidator Gear Tips & Notes

  • Wearing the full Gear set will make you heavily resistant, though not immune to the poisonous patches on the floor in the Toxic Waste tunnels and in the Resolve Biolabs. and you will be able to safely enter the poisonous underground area of the Power Plant back in Abandoned Production.
  • Does not fully protect from the gas grenades fired by Elite Hazard Operatives or from the poisonous gas found in Research & Development.  You will want the Elite Hazard Gear set for protection from these dangers.

Construction Costs

  Mk I Mk II Mk III Mk IV Components
Head 591 3,546 6,501 9,456 11
Chest 1,772 10,632 19,492 28,352 13
Arms 788 4,728 8,668 12,608 9
Legs 985 5,910 10,835 15,760 7
Total 5,909 35,454 64,999 94,544  



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