MG Gorgon Gear

Sentinel Class

MG Gorgon Gear is a Gear Set in The Surge.


MG Gorgon Gear details

"It is a sad inevitability that employees will sometimes lose sight of the CREO mission. Luckily, our faithful CREO security - equipped with Gorgon gear - are always on hand to resolve altercations and remind wayward souls of their contractual obligations! In the case of emergency, be sure to follow all security commands to the letter - its for your own safety. "


MG Gorgon Gear bonus

"Wearing a full set of MG Gorgon gear grants increased stamina regeneration."


MG Gorgon Gear Pieces


MG Gorgon Gear Location/ Where to find

  • Material Depot - drops by security officers (only four total, not respawning)
  • Everywhere after completing R&D


MGGorgon Gear Tips & Notes

  • Used by CREO security guards who can be encountered as early as Central Production B - Material Depot.
  • Its primary advantages are reduced drone energy use, increased impact and slightly reduced general stamina costs.



    • Anonymous

      25 May 2018 13:20  

      Going back to train (towards 1st location), after defeating Firebug, you will meet 2 of those on the train station with security bot.

      Those guys respawn but they do it nicely, e.g. in case if you died while killing some of them, they won't respawn until you kill remaining. Sort of an easy way to farm it early game.

      • Anonymous

        11 Jun 2017 00:27  

        These enemies do respawn if you use the Train to travel between different areas. At least they did once. Not sure what triggered it for me.

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