Sentinel Class

MANTIS Gear is a DLC Gear Set in The Surge.


MANTIS Gear details

"MANTIS gear is an all-purpose maintenance platform, available to operators and technicians after completing the necessary training certifications. An in-helmet AR display overlays virtual schematics onto real machinery, making diagnosing and repairing high-tech faults more efficient than ever before! As a result, CREO has begun worldwide trials, offering MANTIS to manufacturers in other industries - clients need only upload their schematics to the CREOnet Cloud Service (CCS), and they'll be ready to go in minutes."


MANTIS Gear bonus

"Wearing a full set of MANTIS gear reduces all injectable energy costs by 25%."


MANTIS Gear Pieces


MANTIS Gear Location/ Where to find

  • Drop from MANTIS Zombies in the upper CREO World.


MANTIS Gear Tips & Notes

  • Average defence and low power core cost for Sentinal class. The set bonus in combination with the Medi-Voltaic Injection implant can improve survivability in low energy situations.

    • Anonymous

      26 Jan 2018 03:23  

      a really good all-round set-
      that inject able discount is VERY powerful with a v3 medi-voltaic injector,and it has acceptable defence!
      better than the ogre set, anyway, which i feel is really underwhelming

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