Warren is the protagonist in The Surge . This game features no character customization so players will instead play as Warren, a worker in CREO, where things have gone terribly wrong. Upon waking up from a blackout on his first day at work, Warren finds his coworkers now deranged and sought to uncover the truth behind this incident. Warren will make use of Weapons, Armor and Implants to take down Enemies, and harvest their mech limbs to recover armour pieces for his own use. The game features an intuitive character progression system as the player levels up by using Tech Scraps to improve the players' core power to carry better gear and implants.


Warren Information



    • 27 May 2017 21:42  

      This gameplay feels as simulation of world on computer. Things that count towards it: protocol terminated message when warren dies, everyone dissapears on death, audiolog that states that another person did same thing as warren and then got all her augs rejected and blinded on left eye again, same as happens to warren at the end in one ending... I may be speculating but this needs more investigation

      • Anonymous

        21 May 2017 22:26  

        So, aside from being as generic as you can get with a protagonist, I kinda enjoy that Warren isn't grim and gritty and angsty. I mean, it's the incipient apocalypse, and he's just happy he can walk. He's a glass half-full kinda guy, which is kinda rare these days in generic white-guy protagonists.

        • Anonymous

          21 May 2017 01:01  

          For how bland he may seems he is still kinda diverse form many other characters in videos, because he start off the game by being physically handicapped.

          • Anonymous

            17 May 2017 16:09  

            Alright! Another damn white male with a serious look on his *****ing face. At least let me pick a different skin tone!

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