There are no traditional Classes in The Surge. You can build your character how you want, determined by armor and implants. At the beginning of the game you do get to select a type of job that you're hired for which roughly equates to a light, medium, heavy setup. Your starting set of equipment is different based on what you choose and that changes the optimal way to play.[1]


Heavy Operator is a class in The Surge.

Heavy Operator Information

You can choose to become a Heavy Operator at the start of this game. It won't affect the starting stats but will give you one each of the RHINO leg and arm gear as starting gear.
You can farm the remaining two pieces of the RHINO Gear set off of the two respawning RHINO Zombies in the first act, or off the numerous RHINO zombies in Act II.


RHINO Gear bonus

 Wearing a full set of RHINO gear grants increased impact while under the effect of implants that boost your weapon damage.


Starting Gear

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    • Anonymous

      I recommend picking heavy operator because you can het the lynx gear VERY early in the gear and rhino can only be optained later on in the game, so if you pick HO class sort off gives you an headstart.

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