Trophy and Achievement Guide in The Surge.

 Trophy and Achievement Guide Information




 The Surge Unlock all trophies Platinum
 P.A.X Defeated the Pacification Automaton X Bronze
 Firebug Defeated the LU-74 "Firebug" Bronze
 Big Sister Defeated the Big SISTER 1/3 Bronze
 The Black Cerberus Defeated the security chief of Echelon 9 Bronze
 Brave New World Finish the game without corrupting the Utopia protocols Silver
 For the Good of Mankind Finish the game after corrupting the Utopia protocols Silver
 I'll Be Back Died for the first time Bronze
 On My Own Two Feet Acquired your personal CREO Exo-Rig Bronze
 Sorry, I Dropped This Found your lost Tech Scrap after dying Bronze
 Hey Listen Acquired your personal CREO Companion Drone Bronze
 CREO Killed the Video Star Met Don Hackett Bronze
 Gear Up Enhanced your Exo-Rig for the first time Bronze
 Watchman Received the security upgrade for your Exo-Rig Bronze
 Who's in Charge Here? Found the Board Bronze
 Turing Test Met Sally in person Bronze
 It Lives! It Sniffs! It Conquers! Acquired the IRONMAUS gear Gold
 Sunglasses at Night Found yourself some sunglasses Bronze
 Pusher Man Helped someone (Davey) refill their supply of medicine Bronze
 Melting Down Defeat all five smelting machines Silver
 Repeat Customer Gave Jo Tech Scrap three times Silver
 Shall Not Pass Defeated the guard at the NUCLEUS elevator Bronze
 Right Tool for the Job Upgraded a weapon using the Nano Core crafting component Bronze
 Man of Steel Upgraded a full gear set using the Nano Core crafting component Silver
 Core Power Reach a Core Power of 80 Bronze
 Duty-Bound Accompanied a lost soul (Irinia Beckett) on her quest to find herself Silver
 Ghost in the Machine Accompanied a father (Alec Norris) and his little daughter on their way through the facility Bronze
 Follow the White Rabbit Found all of Mallory's audio logs Silver
 First Day on the Job Acquired your selected job gear Bronze
 Liberation Found all audio logs about the infamous "Liberator" Bronze
 Raging Drones Found all audio logs from and about Ferguson Bronze
 Evolution Theory Found all of Dr. Murphy's audio logs. Bronze
 Butcher's Bill Cut each limb from human enemies at least once Bronze
 Jack of All Trades Reach level 5 weapon proficiency in each of the weapon types Silver
 Most Wanted Provoked and defeated the security forces in Central Production B Silver
 Infidel Defeated the vending machine cult Silver
 It's Blue Light Killed an enemy in a dark zone using the ASTir SpectreBite Bronze
 I Choose You Found a BOTECS Power Core for your companion drone Bronze
 Homo Machinalis Killed Dr. Gene Barrett after his transformation into Homo Machinalis Bronze
 Was That Yours? Defeated a boss with its own weapon Silver
 Guard Dog Acquired the complete Black Cerberus gear and the MG Judge Silver
 Nothing to Lose Carried more than 50,000 Tech Scrap Bronze
 Overconfident Defeated a boss while carrying at least 20,000 Tech Scrap Silver
 GOLIATH Acquire a full set of GOLIATH gear Bronze
 OPERATOR Acquire a full set of OPERATOR gear Bronze
 SENTINEL Acquire a full set of SENTINEL gear Bronze
 Sniffing Around Completed your IRONMAUS Comic collection Bronze


Trophy Roadmap

This roadmap will guide you to your Platinum trophy in one playthrough (actually one playthrough and some 30 minutes in NG+), without too many spoilers.
This guide doesn't cover all the non-missable trophies, like collecting gear sets or increasing weapon proficiencies—it's just a roadmap. 

NOTE: Before entering a new area
Check the area's section for things to avoid (like interacting with Jo) or for backup safe locations.

NOTE: Before leaving an area
Before leaving an area (by train or after a boss fight), check if you have found each audio log and NPC character.

Missable trophies


Some audiologs are missable, as they may change with story progress. So check before leaving an area. Only trophy relevant audiologs are listed in the chapter checklists.

Sunglasses at night

You need to make a backup safe on USB to get this trophy and the Repeat Customer trophy. However, you can do this much later than usually recommended, saving you a lot of time. It may also be good to know that "interacting with Jo" actually means to interact with a vent grit, you do not see Jo, she moves in the vents. That said: do NOT interact with Jo before you made your backup safe (see chapter descritions below).

Who's in Charge Here?

— Found the Board room

  • When arriving at Executive Forum, chat with Sally at the communication station in Ops.
  • Do not chat with her again until you meet her.
  • No need to pay any attention on any server rooms, as you cannot enter the board room before you found the server room.

Guard Dog

— Black Cerberus set

  • Do a backup safe before defeating the Black Cerberus boss.
  • Let the first Pax robot destroy both tanks (equip enough life implants, so the Pax does not two-hit kill you)
  • Afterwards focus the bosses right arm and keep hitting it (heal immediately if he stuns you).
  • Dismember his right arm and wait a little. Repeat if you did not receive the full gear set.


— Beat a boss with 20000 tech scrap

I kept a 20000 tech scrap box and did it on New Game+ while beating Pax with its own weapon.

Was That Yours?

— Defeated a boss with its own weapon

Do a backup safe, trophy may be glitched.


— Other potentially missable trophies are covered by the chapter checklist.

  • For Shining Coins you (usually) have to beat a Smelter Bot. The coin is automatically added to your inventory (in the latest patch version). There is one coin laying on the ground though.
  • IRONMAUS Comics are laying around and seem to be background objects until you are right in front of them.

General tips

  • Take the Lynx gear at the beginning. Faster and easier to upgrade in the first chapter.
  • I mostly stayed with this gear for the entire game (except for a Liquidator set which protects from poison which is highly recommended for some sections). Other gear is probably only good for blocking (but I use evasion...).
  • The problem with better gear is, that it consumes way too much core power. The core power is better invested in implants (like healing injections and life upgrades - never used much stamina updates).

Level Checklists

Abandoned Production


  • Liberation
  • Liberator
  • Arrest Warrant 


  • Shining coin



Central Production B

Warning: Do not interact with Jo yet  

Audio Logs
Into the rabbit hole - Journey in the Dark
Into the rabbit hole - The Nightmare Begins
Into the rabbit hole - Waiting for Help
Into the rabbit hole - Waiting in Vain
Raging Drones - ***** Ferguson!
Raging Drones - Official Announcement "Raging Drones"

Ironmaus #45
Shining coin from Smelter Bot
Shining coin from Smelter Bot or laying on the ground in the Smelter Bot area, depending on your actions.

Irina Beckett - Find her and fulfill her quest
Jo - Find the vent, but DO NOT INTERACT with her.
Davey - Find and free Davey, exhaust his dialog in Ops.
Guards with staffs - Find and kill the two high level staff wielding enemies which guard a security door close to Ops for the Most Wanted trophy.
Vending machine cult - Find and kill all members (cruel as it seems).


Resolve Biolabs

Backup safe
We will create a backup safe (on usb or online) for the Jo quests here.
Play until you meet Irina Becket. Open the shortcut just after Irina to the right (and collect the brand new rig - and also reequip your gear after changing the rig so the next boss fight is not as hard as it was to me who only recognized that I was practically naked after trying to switch on my gear lights in a dark section after the boss...)
Return to Irina being equipped for the boss fight and create a backup safe.
Note: The next Jo vent is just a few steps away on your way to the boss. You can safely discover this vent, just don't interact with it.
See the Jo section for further instructions.

Audio Logs
Liberation - Autopsy Excerpt - Victim #7
Liberation - Concerning Ed...

Ironmaus #9
Shining coin
Modaxinol Injector (Medizine implant for Davey, found behind drone door in greenhouse)

Irina Beckett - find her and talk to her until you can only say good bye.
Dr. Chavez: Talk to her until you receive the Encrypted Data Chip.
Jo - Do a backup safe as described above.
Beat the boss and proceed through Central Production B to the next area (Research and Development)
Find Ops to create an auto safe, just in case. Equip healing implants.
Return to where you entered the level, beat all enemies and find the small gap in the wall to the left. Override the panel, which will open a door and release poisonous gas. Also an enemy will spawn. Heal against the poison and run into the door. Take the item on the desk to trigger the Sunglasses at Night trophy.
Restore your backup safe.
Interact with Jo at her first location in Central Production B - give her tech srap.
Interact with Jo on the way to the boss - give her tech srap.
Beat the boss again.
When reaching the room in Research and Development again, where you picked up the sunglasses, DO NOT take the item this time. You can hear the audio log though.


Central Production B - Second visit

Audio Logs
Into the Rabbit Hole - Chaos Theory
Raging Drones - Happy Birthday!
Raging Drones - Reminder

CREO ex02 Prototype Rig
Shining coin

Davey - give him the Modaxinol Injector implant for the Pusher Man trophy.


Research and Development

 Backup safe and warnings
Do a backup safe after talking to Alec, just in case you accidentally kill Mandy.
Do not take the item in Jo's room (see above).
Do not kill Barrett.

Audio Logs
Evolution Theory - Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #1
Evolution Theory - Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #2
Into the Rabbit Hole - Behind the Curtain

Ironmaus #44

Alec - Find him and exhauste his dialog options. Do a backup safe.
Maddie - Find her and exhaust her dialog options.
Alec - Talk to him again until he requires an item from you. You cannot get this item in this area.
Jo - Find her and give her tech scrap for the Repeat Customer trophy.
Barrett - DO NOT KILL Barret. Just talk to him now.


Central Production B - Third visit

Audio Logs


Alec - Collect the item, return to Research and Development and give it to Alec.
Irina Beckett - Find her and complete her quest.


Executive Forum

Backup safe: Do a backup safe before fighting (or defeating) the boss

Audio Logs
Into the Rabbit Hole - Alone
Into the Rabbit Hole - Betrayed
Into the Rabbit Hole - Dangerous Game
Into the Rabbit Hole - Deeper into the Burrow
Into the Rabbit Hole - Part of the Machine
Liberation - The Liberator - Interrogation Excerpt
Raging Drones - Operation Ferguson

CREO ex06 Security Rig
Ironmaus #103

Irina Beckett - Find her and exhaust her dialog options. Do what needs to be done and the Duty-Bound trophy will pop.
Don Hackett - Find and interact with Don Hackett. 
Boss Black Cerberus security chief - Get the full Black Cerberus gear set as described above. Do a backup safe in case it fails. 


Revisiting known areas

We have access to new areas now that we are able to open security doors. We also can override higher level override panels.
You may do this now or later, using a train in the next section.

Audio Logs
Research and Development - Behind security doors
Evolution Theory - Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #14
Evolution Theory - Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #17

Nano Cores from Overcharge Panels
Ironmaus gear (if not already done)

Barrett - Return to Research and Development. Find and kill Barrett for the Homo Machinalis trophy.


Warning: When reaching the terminal, do not insert the virus yet. The boss is close to that terminal. Complete everything and return here to make a backup safe. Then do or do not insert the virus and defeat the boss for the two endings. The game ends immediately after defeating the boss.

Audio Logs
Evolution Theory - Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #5
Evolution Theory - Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #6
Evolution Theory - Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #8
Evolution Theory - Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #11
Evolution Theory - Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #23

Ironmaus #23

Alec - Find him and exhaust his dialog options
Maddie - Find her and exhaust her dialog options (may not be necessary)
Alec - Talk to him (may not be necessary)
Maddie - Find her and receive an item
Alec - Give him the item and be honest (just in case).

New Game+

You are automatically in NG+ after defeating the last boss (and watching the ending cinema).

Play until Pax awakens (You need to restore power in the power plant).
Make a backup safe!
Beat Pax with it's weapon while carrying 20000 tech scrap for the last two trophies.

You did it :0)

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