Goliath Class


PROTEUS Gear is a Gear Set in The Surge.

PROTEUS Gear details

"A classified set of gear developed by the Restricted Projects laboratory, under the supervision of Dr.Gene Barrett. Its innovative design is meant to act as an external life-support system. Curiously, its firmware has been partially deleted, and it possesses a number of input/output ports that don't appear to be compatible with current-gen CREO Rigjunction ports."


PROTEUS Gear bonus

"Wearing a full set of PROTEUS Gear grants Passive Health regeneration and increases the amount of all healing effects."


PROTEUS Gear Pieces


PROTEUS Gear Location/ Where to find


PROTEUS Gear Tips & Notes

• At Mk.I, the Full Gear Set provides 58 defense
• At Mk.V, the Full Gear Set provides 157 defense
• At Mk.X, the Full Gear Set provides 243 defense
• Boosts Vital Injection by 25%
• Vital Injection 3 heals for 225, Vital Injection 5 heals for 450
• Grants HP Regeneration at 1 HP per second
• Passive Regeneration stacks with the Plasmic Array Implant giving you 3 HP per second

Gear Set
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    • Anonymous

      Perfect way to run this build is to stack your vitality to 900. Then give yourself 3 injectors so 9 heals that each give 450. If you can also do healing on kills you are unstoppable.

      • Anonymous

        This is my new favorite gear. It gives you a passive 3 HP per second, but you can use the Plasmic Array Implant to get 5 HP total.
        Also all injections increase healing by 25%. That means your Vital Injector 3 goes from 180 to 225. That extra 45 is a life saver.

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