Crafting in The Surge is covered on this page. Only Armor/Gear may be crafted and it can only be done after acquiring the appropriate Schematic for that piece.


Crafting Information

In order to craft a specific part you must first acquire the Schematic for it. Only Gear/Armor can be crafted and each enemy you approach may contain a new Schematic if you sever the apporiate limb. Schematics take not only Tech Scrap to complete, but also upgrade materials. Each slot: Arm, Leg, Chest and Head have different upgrade materials that players can aquire by severing those specific body points on enemies. As the game advances players will acquire higher level upgrade materials that they can use to not only upgrade parts, but players can also craft a higher tiered version of any part from scratch. 

Players will be able to upgrade all equipment, both Weapons and Armor/Gear to Mk. IV before requiring Nano Core to reach Mk. V. You will need much less Nano Cores than you used upgrade materials to reach Mk. V so do not worry. Nano Cores can only be found inside containers locked with high Overcharge (50) power conduits and above. You will find these through out the game and players would be wise to backtrack when they can and open them. In NG+ players will be able to upgrade their equipment to Mk. X in exactly the same way, using Nano Cores for the Mk. X upgrade and upgrade materials for Mk. VI - Mk. IX.

Gear Fragments



Gear Fragments are a Component in The Surge.


Gear Fragments Details

 There are four Gear fragments - one for each Gear piece

 Cortical Processor - used to make Head Gear

 Rig Armature - used to make Body Gear

 Force Regulator - used to make Arm Gear

 Pneumatic Helix - used to make Leg Gear


Gear Fragments Notes & Tips

  • Gear Fragments are used for building and upgrading Gear pieces.
  • They are obtained primarily by using a finishing move on armored body parts of humanoid enemies, however you can sometimes find them as treasure.
  • When obtained from a severed body part, you get three components for each destroyed gear piece.  One ruined Arm Gear will get you three Force Regulators, for example.
  • To upgrade a Gear piece to Mk V, X, XV, or XX, you will need the appropriate Nano Core
  • Every NG+ tier (NG+, NG++, etc) will increase the Mk level of the destroyed gear fragments that you find by 5, so you can upgrade a Gear piece past Mk IV without using Nano Cores to upgrade it to Mk V or Mk X first - just build the Gear at Mk VI or whatever level you need instead of building at Mk 1 in the base game and then upgrading once you're in NG+ mode.

Weapon Upgrades

Base Game

New Game+




Gear Fragments Mk VI Zombie Worker - LYNX in NG+
Zombie Worker - RHINO in NG+
Gear Fragments Mk VII Zombie Worker - SCARAB in NG+
Zombie Worker - Liquidator in NG+
Hazard Operative in NG+
Gear Fragments Mk VIII Elite Hazard Operative in NG+
CREO Security Guard in NG+
PROTEUS Test Subject in NG+
Gear Fragments Mk IX Bloodied PROTEUS Test Subject in NG+
CERBERUS Security Guard in NG+
Chrysalis Zombie in NG+
Chrysalis Drone in NG+

And so on... The Mk levels increase as your NG+ tier increases - you should have figured it out by the time you get to NG++


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