Sentinel Class

SCARAB Gear is a Gear Set in The Surge.


SCARAB Gear details

"SCARAB is the newly-acquired Exo-Rig technology developed by a CREO subsidiary, Vestorson Industrial Sciences. Vestorson has always been well-known for their willingness to pioneer new form-factors, which inevitably led to the development of the reliable and energy-efficient SCARAB line. Currently employed on a trial basis in a variety of CREO operations."

SCARAB Gear bonus

"Wearing a full set of SCRAB gear increases the effect of all Vital Boost implants."


SCARAB Gear Pieces


SCARAB Gear Location/ Where to find

  • Conveyor Hub - drop by enemies
  • Central Production B - drop by enemies


SCARAB Gear Tips & Notes

  • Instead of a regular flashlight, the SCARAB gear light emits a dull yellow glow, illuminating the area in all directions.

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