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Squad Chief Helvig is a Boss in The Surge.


Squad Chief Helvig Information

"In Game Description"



Boss Location

  • Located in the Western Plateu atop the rusted spring tower in the Walk in the park DLC
  • ThereĀ“s a safe shortcut to the boss if you walk down the Rusted spring tower and walk throu small gap and enter the park maitenence and turn right and continue straight untill a hidden door opens and lead you back to the OPS





  • He mostly does Lunge attacks that are easy to dodge but if you're close he might do a devastating spinning attack. Hence dash attack then dodge back, rince and repeat.
  • If you jump down in the pools of oils he will set it on fire. It apears as if he take no damage from it.
  • a good strategy if you don't care about the hard core kill is to kite him around and using the drone prefferly the one with fire aoe but watchout if it shoots weirdly so you don't take damage from yourself.





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