Builds for the The Surge will be listed here. The various Weapons, Armor and Drone Modules will all comprise a particular build. Players can share their customized builds using the provided template. Click here for the Template.


Builds Information


npc_icon    Hi there.

Let me introduce myself, to assure you that the following builds have been thoroughly tested. I'm LeTroglodyte, I have played The Surge more than a thousand hour ; and completed the game at least once per build listed below.
I'm very passionate about the game, as you can imagine. I found the optimisation of The Surge really interesting and wanted to share my knowledge with others. That's pretty much it, but let me clarify few points :

First : Most of those builds have been reviewed by two different communities. The main reddit (r/thesurgegame) and the steam community (

Second : If you have any question about a build, do no hesitate to take a look at the different section of this wiki. I believe you will find the answer of your question if it's not already explain in the build presentation.

Third : The CP showcased are exemplary threshold. I encourage you to increase your Core Power if you can equip better version of the implants. They also serve for delimiting what implants can be obtained in the differents areas of the game.

I split the builds in three stages : early game (CP25/35) ; mid-game (CP45/55) ; end game (CP65/CP85)

CP25 : when you reach Central Production B
CP35 : anywhere between LU-74 'Firebug' and the Circulation Tower (+DLC A Walk in the Part first part)
CP45 : when you reach Research and Development (+DLC A Walk in the Part second part)
CP55 : right before Black Cerberus
CP65 : after Black Cerberus and back tracking to open all the Security Doors instead of going to the Executive Forum
CP75 : Executive Forum completed

The builds only goes to CP85. Of course, you can go higher, but I needed a limit. CP85 been the highest Core Power required to overcharge the crates containing the Nano Core ; so I made it the limit.

Fourth : Please take a look at the Core Power page to understand how to improve your build through leveling.

Fifth : I intentionnaly avoided to use paid DLC content for the builds that could be made without.
The reason is that the most acquired Steam achievement related to the DLC A Walk in the Park, as been acquired by only 7,3% of the owners. (07/13/2018)

Sixth : If you possess the DLC "The Good, the Bad and the Augmented" you can replace the Sunglasses by the Shades of Black/Gold.

That's it. Be careful out there !


Techscrap Base Game (+free DLC)


RHINO and "Military Grade fire tools"


ANGEL VI and "Codename tools"

MG Gorgon



Nano Ward


creo_world_icon A Walk in the Park




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    • Anonymous

      Healing Build:
      Proteus Set for 25% increase to Vital Injections
      3x Vital Injectors v5 (9 x 450)
      910 HP = 4x Vital Boost v5 + 5x Vital Boost v3
      40% Heal on Kill = Aggression Amplifiers (2 v1 + 1 v2)

      Weapon: Volatile Spectre for high impact and elemental damage.
      Early game use Kinesthetic Amplifiers to quickly level Single Rig damage.
      End Game mine was 20.

      NOTE: you can have 12 Heal potions if you ditch 10% heal on kill. This would maximum healing at 12 x 450 = 5400.
      With this build if you always get off finishing moves you basically stay topped off at 40% heal each kill.
      You may also want to swap that 10% for attack speed when energy is high if you like keeping your combos up.

      • Anonymous

        Glass cannon build: - Lynx set for the atk spd boost and -% stamina consumption - some Energy boost implants to be able to trigger the "high energy level" reqs for the other implants necessary - a lot of Stamina boost implants to be able to dodge and attack contunouously - implant which boosts Impact when Energy is high - implant which boosts atk spd when Energy is high - + Energy gain implants - Fractal Reaver for weapon This build works best on NG+ playthroughs as the Reaver is only available during the last section, but here is the explanation: with the Lynx's and the implant's at spd boost, you can attack with the Reaver (fastest of the single-rigged class) approximately as fast as you would with a staff/one-handed weapon (not the fastest, but the medium seed one-handed), but still get an insane damage because of the weapon's nature. With the max Energy and Energy gain boosted, you will trigger the aforementioned atk spd and impact boosting implants in just 2-3 hits max, as "high Energy" is measured by numbers, not precentages, and since you have boosted your Energy and the Energy gain from attacks is percentage-based, you will trigger those in no time. While staying at or above ~80% HP you'll also get the atk spd boost from the Lynx, so, as said before, you basically have (speed-wise) a one-handed weapon which hits like a freight train loaded with other freight trains, you'll get more than decent Impact also. Be wary though, that you WILL die in 1 or 2 hits, especially on subsequent playthroughs, so you WILL have to rely on dodging and timing your attacks wisely. Nevertheless it is a fun build to play. As for the rest of the implants, use whatever you feel comfortable.

        • Anonymous

          Fast tank build. Full lynx armor, many health boosts. Big health over armor. I have 450 hp with 5 boosts. Make sure there is room for some injectables. Your lynx uses so little core power, so you can buff it with really good implants. It's a good attacker, since lynx has attack speed and it can take hits. Add a stamina boost, and you can string crazy combos with a huge weapon. Since lynx lowers stamina cost. I can kill one of black Cerbs pax robots the first time I knock it down.

          • Anonymous

            literally all of these builds are trash, nobody even uses the best armor in the main game (and game overall with dlc). y"all don't even know what perfectionism with build creating is. soon my children, i shall bless you.

            • Anonymous

              The Thin But Mighty.

              Armor: Full MG Gorgon for stamina regeneration, cheap drones and higest defense in game (except MG Cerberus with high amount of energy, actually - you can try it, or black cerberus for total obliteration, but you will need too high level cause in that build i used very heavy implants).

              Weapon: PAX Imperator or PAX 2.0. After final location - Fractal Reaver.

              1 - Maximum bonus to capacity of energy you have. (Recommended Palladium E-Cell).
              2 - Maximum bonus to endurance you have (Recommended: Endurance Enhancer XL v.4)
              3,4,5 - Voltaic Dynamo v.2 and two Voltaic Dynamo v.1. (for gaining maximum energy in no time)
              6,7 - Rig Capacitor XL and Rig Capacitor. (anytime you have 50% of energy and have bonuses from arrays. explained later)
              8 - Kinasthetic Amplifier v.3 (for damage and fast getting new levels of your proficiency)
              9 - Kinetic Converter v3. (for good blocks and gaining energy)
              10 - Highest Medi-Voltaic Injection that you have. (Recommended is v5 of course)..
              11,12,13,14 - power swing! 4 arrays - Ablative Array, Concussive Array, Endurance Array, Velocity Array. (You can play with that, for example: set two copies of Velocity instead of one velocity and one endurance, but i used 4 different.)
              15,16 - recommended - Pneumatic Calibrator v.4 and Gyro-Stabilizer but you can change it for one red and one blue x-cables for nearly free injections and drone uses, or bonus Hp implants maybe.


              You always have 50% of yours energy and buffs from arrays. You will stun every enemy, and stun-lock many of them. You will have fast attacks, great stamina recovery, MANY energy from attacks and infinite injections. you should only.. RUSH. And blocks. Use dodge-button straight into face of enemy and hit it. After if you stun enemy just hit r2 until enemy dies. If you can't stun enemy (spider for example) you just dodge back and repeat. Or block their attacks. Blocks is very good for energy gaining and after block you hit r1 or r2 and enemy is fly away or sit on ground.

              You have only 100 hp (in lategame mostly of the enemy attacks is one-shot for you)). But, you have infinite heals. And with v5 injection you restore all HP at once. And VERY great stamina regeneration allow you to block every attack exept bosses.

              Use the drones - shoot/burn/hit for finishing tough enemy/bosses, shield if you cant dodge every attack.

              Dont execute enemies. No need in that, save you energy.

              I finished the game and I only had problems with final boss. If you have - you always can delete arrays, energy gainings and savings and set many hp and heal-injections.

              • Anonymous

                To anyone using the black Cerberus gear, your energy must be higher than 70 to get the full effect. Not sure if having even more energy grants you more dmg but with over 70 your dmg goes up about 20% it's amazing.

                • The Eternal

                  Proteus or Bloody Proteus (full set)

                  Any "medium" speed weapon - I personally like the Mimetic Edge and Claws of the Gestalt.

                  Proximity Sensor, Medical Audit, Reclamation Buddy - utility implants that make the game go faster and easier
                  Medi-Voltaic Injection (highest rank you can find) - the key piece to this set, it lets you use implants other than Vital Injectors to keep yourself alive, and lets you stay out in the field longer (if not indefinitely) because you're not having to go back to Ops to refill your injectors.
                  Vanadium E-Cell (x2 - highest ranks you can find) - more energy, means faster usage of the MV Injector
                  Vital Boost (x2 - highest ranks you can find) - more hitpoints, always useful
                  Endurance Enhancer (highest rank you can find) - more stamina, always useful
                  Aggression Amplifier (x2 - highest ranks you can find) - stacks nicely, and boosts a lot with the Proteus armor set bonus.
                  Voltaic Dynamo (x2 - highest ranks you can find) - increased energy gain per hit, making you able to use the MV Injection more often.
                  Rig Capacitor (x3 - highest ranks you can find) - raises the "floor" to your minimum energy, making it so that your energy doesn't bleed away if you're not using it.
                  Auto-Aid & SNS Disinhibitor (one of each, highest rank you can find) - not sure if these two are actually useful, but I keep them in for emergency use

                  • Anonymous


                    Head - Black Cerberus/Cerberus/Lynx
                    Arms - Chrysalis/Lynx
                    Chest - Hazard/Liquidator/Lynx
                    Legs - Lynx
                    Weapon - Firebug 2.0
                    The first 2 options are fashionsurge the last one is if you want that bonus


                    Health -up to you
                    Stamina - for Days
                    Elemental Damage boost implant (highest you can find)
                    Energy gain for the most use of that elemental gain.


                    Burn everything.


                    • Anonymous

                      Alright, I'll contribute my build too. Will try to keep the format too.

                      Safe implant build

                      Works well and will let you have lots of health, healing items and more.
                      -IRONMAUS Set / LYNX Set for early game
                      -P.A.X Imperator (preferably the v2.0)
                      -Medi-Voltaic Injection implant
                      -Voltaic Dynamo implant
                      This build features a low energy use on the armor so you can have lots of implants. Also, the high energy generating weapon, coupled with Voltaic Dynamos will let you build energy really fast, enough to have nearly infinite health when paired with Medi-Voltaic Injections. Using a second or even third weapon is also viable.
                      When having spare energy, which will be common, you should have Vital Injections(to be extra safe and prevent surprises), Vital Boosts and any other implants you like. I personally use Reclamation Buddy to get more tech scrap and get overleveled.
                      You should start battle with a sprint attack, then combo as you would normally. Or mash horizontal. That works too. If you attack real fast after dodging forwards, you should do a sprint attack even though you didn't sprint at all; this conserves stamina and could be the difference between another attack.
                      Do NOT use a finisher if you need health. It will consume about half your energy. That energy should be used to heal you if needed.

                      In the early game, LYNX will help a lot. The extra attack speed from the arms and set bonus will make your single-rig a stunlock machine. Later, when you defeat all 5 of the smelter machines you can acquire the IRONMAUS set, which costs literally no energy to equip. IRONMAUS will let you have TONS of implants. More than you can possibly equip, probably.

                      Acquiring the LYNX gear is trivial, should be your first full armor set.
                      P.A.X Imperator is automatically added after you beat the first boss. If you manage to beat it while not hitting it with it's own rockets even once, you will get an upgraded version, the P.A.X Imperator v2.0
                      The IRONMAUS set will be the most problematic to get, but by far the most rewarding. You need to beat the 5 smelter machines, which drop coins. These coins must be used on the machine in Conveyor Hub to unlock a hidden room with the armor. There are guides specially made to get this.

                      Recommendation: There are lots of useful implants. I'll list some you should consider, but choose whichever you like best:
                      -Agression Amplifier
                      -Endurance Enhancer
                      -Kinasthetic Amplifier
                      -Proximity Sensor(DLC)
                      -Reclamation Buddy
                      -Rig Capacitor
                      -Sustaining Array
                      -Vanadium E-Cell
                      -Vital Boost (IMPORTANT)
                      -Vital Injection (MUST HAVE)

                      -Free to personalize your implants as you like
                      -Works with most weapons that can get energy quickly
                      -Aside from the IRONMAUS set, it's easy to get and also very early
                      -Heals, heals and more heals
                      -If using LYNX, can use spare energy to mix the set and get better defensive parts

                      -IRONMAUS fashion is questionable, but can be also a pro
                      -IRONMAUS changes hitsounds
                      -IRONMAUS can't be mixed and LYNX has low defense
                      -Gotta change implants when finishers are needed(but can get implants that help doing this job too)
                      -Medi-Voltaic Injection costs a ton of energy(but you have energy to spare)
                      -Some people might have problems to get IRONMAUS set

                      • Anonymous

                        When i farm the mg gorgon armour set, i only use the scarab full set and using weapon that i acquired from defeating the firebug boss in second area (i forgot the weapons name, but it look like butterfly weapon with fire element, i think).

                        You can easily cut the limb of mg gorgon if you use combo like RT, RT, RB, or RB, RB, RT (for xbox scheme gamepad). R1, R1, R2, or R2, R2, R1 (for ps4 scheme gamepad). But i suggest use the RT, RT, RB/R2,R2,R1 continuously. When you success perform the combo, it will blazing up fire from the weapon and increase the energy bar so fast so you can cut mg gorgons limb.

                        For additional information, i farm mg gorgon sets in near drone registration in early second area near the train station. Mg gorgon and spider-like robotic things will be spawn there if you reboot the CREO system in third area in greenhouse building, i think.

                        • Anonymous

                          It can be hard for new players to acquire the Gorgon parts from the various non-respawning Security Guards, so this is the build I used in early game before I managed to farm the Gorgon armor:

                          Head: Scarab
                          -Reasoning: Gives good Defense and Stability without forcing a negative modifier to Armored or Unarmored Damage
                          -Location: Farmed from Enemies in and around Support Link 2

                          Torso: Lynx
                          -Reasoning: The Stamina Cost Reduction is invaluable for Attacking and Dodging.
                          -Location: Starting Gear or Enemies in the Starting Area

                          Left Arm: Lynx
                          -Reasoning: The Attack Speed Bonus is a necessity as it'll allow you to beat the crap out of most enemies before they can hit you. It's a small window to stagger them and you need that speed if you want to hit it.
                          -Location: Starting Gear or Enemies in the Starting Area

                          Right Arm: Scarab OR Rhino
                          -Reasoning: Impact Bonus allows for easier staggering and the attack speed penalty is offset by the other arm. They've both got good stability and defense.
                          -Location: Farmed from Enemies in and around Support Link 2

                          Legs: Lynx
                          -Reasoning: Stamina Cost Reduction for Dodging.
                          -Location: Starting Gear or Enemies in the Starting Area

                          Weapon: PAX Imperator
                          -Reasoning: This is hands-down one of the best weapons in the game and can carry you through the majority of it. High Impact and Damage, but it's also got a 70% Energy Gain, which is incredibly useful for building up energy for finishers.
                          -Location: Beat the PAX Boss.

                          Implants: There are two Implants that are absolutely essential for survival
                          -Aggression Amplifier: Health Regen on Finishers. Keeps your health up without forcing you to use up your Vital Injections. Stacking 2 v1s will have you regenerate 20% of your health on every finisher.
                          -Voltaic Dynamo: Increases Energy Gain which allows you to pull off Finishers in fewer hits.

                          • Anonymous

                            I see this is pretty empty sooo...
                            Medi-Voltaic injections with high energy builds work really well throughout the game, currently using the Spitfire Rod and Voltaic Dynamo v.2 and almost always build enough energy to execute and heal in the same fight. I've noticed this works extremely well against robotic enemies since you can still get full energy from hitting their armored areas.
                            Scarab armor with 3/4 health boosters combos nicely with agression amplifiers, I'm netting just over 70 HP per execute in my test build right now (can't test with both, game ate my mk1 randomly).
                            Lynx armor + slow weapons do VERY well, so long as you can dodge properly and keep your HP up. The small speed increase is just enough to stun-lock most mobs in the game before they can even get a hit off. Used this combo with PAX's weapon for the first 3 areas of the game and had minimal issues, only had problems with guards tbh.
                            Proteus armor works pretty well with slow weapons; the high armor/stability and bonus healing help to counteract the slow swing speeds as well as provide a cleaner trade-off to keep tanking hits while extending your combos.
                            Gorgon set stamina regen is fairly overpowered, and as such benefits hit-and-run tactics to an extreme degree. It's like wearing 3 grass crest shields whilst hooked up to an I.V of green blossoms.
                            Bonus: Ancillary power cores affect the output of health/stamina/energy modifiers, so it is worth noting for those who can't quite get enough core power to make use of those specific implants.

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