Black Cerberus Gear


Black Cerberus Gear

Black Cerberus Gear is a Gear Set in The Surge.


Black Cerberus Gear details

"Cerberus is the ultimate in anti-personnel combat gear. CREO regrets that it is necessary to maintain a trained paramilitary force, but the mission to save the Earth is too crucial to let idealism get in the way of operational security. This set of Cerberus gear has been customized with experimental components, authorized only for use by the ranking Security Chief."


Black Cerberus Gear bonus

"Wearing a full set of Black Cerberus Gear grants increased damage at a high level of energy."


Black Cerberus Gear Pieces


Black Cerberus Gear Location/ Where to find

  • Dismember Black Cerberus Boss; the entire set can be obtained on first playthrough (see Tips & Notes below).
  • "Elite" enemies in NG+ (These enemies can only be found in NG+ and do not respawn!)


Black Cerberus Gear Tips & Notes

  • There are 2 white "tanks" in the boss room: destroying these tanks via P.A.X. cannon. Attack P.A.X. until its threat meter (orange) is fill and it will begin using its cannon. Once both tanks and P.A.X. are destroyed the Black Cerberus fight will continue, and dismembering his right arm will drop his entire armor set, as well as MG Judge V2.0

  • The damage bonus is increased depending on your level of energy :
    - +5% damage bonus if your energy is between 36 and 72 points
    - +20% damage bonus if your energy is over 72 points
  • With the following Implants, it is easy to keep the energy meter over the 5% and 20% bonus at all times. Rig Capacitor, Rig Capacitor XL,
    Rig Capacitor XXL (DLC) Turbo-Dynamic Capacitor V.2 (DLC) and Turbo-Dynamic Capacitor V.5 (DLC).
    All of these raise Minumum Energy cap which stacks up to 100% 
    So once you gain the energy it will not drop past the Minumum Point!
  • In the DLC - The Good, The Bad and The Augmented, Black Cerberus appears with MG Judge in Episode 8 but does not drop his armour (excluding the helmet) or weapon. ONLY parts.


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    • Anonymous

      This armor leaves a hell of a lot to be desired unfortunately. It's not bad at all but given how late you're able to obtain it, it just doesn't compare to some of the sets you most likely already have. His weapon though... literally a top tier heavy duty.

      • Anonymous

        i could have sworn my first time playing frontier riders ep. 8 had a black cerberus unit when you turn off the sun, i don't remember now but i don't think they spawn there, even with a high v2 loot multiplier from modifiers. there was also no black cerberus unit in the executive forum in ng+ (i didn't explore fully, so maybe that's not true)

        • Anonymous

          I destroyed the silos and only got the head. I beat him by cutting off his head, so I ended up with two of them. I don't understand at all.

          • Anonymous

            I think what you get is based on which parts you attack during the fight. I went in blind and didn't destroy the silos. When fighting the boss I attacked right arm and head. Finished by cutting off his right arm, got the weapon, arm, and head.

            • Anonymous

              Wiki Notes are wrong, confirmed he drops his armor schematics in the DLC in episode 8 as I acquired the helmet and crafted it, dunno if he drops his weapon the Judge as I have it already

              • Anonymous

                You can also get Black Cerberus parts off of the guard in front of the elevator to the Nucleus. My first playthough I got the arms and Judge 2.0 off of the boss and I got the helmet off of him.

                • Anonymous

                  In full: if PAX destroys the silos you will get Black Cerberus body, head and legs no matter what you do. If you sever his left arm, Black Cerberus arms and MG Judge. Any other part of his body, that part and MG Judge. No part of his body, just MG Judge. His right arm, Black Cerberus arms and MG Judge 2.0. Also isn't there a second unit in Black Cerberus gear in the Executive Forum area?

                  • Anonymous

                    gives 5% damage increase with power over 25~ish, and 20% damage increase with power over 72~ish.
                    Doesn't seem to matter what total power is, so not a % of total power, but rather over that fixed value.

                    The 20% damage bonus is surreal, it feels like cheating with claws of gestalt.

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