New Game Plus refers to subsequent playthroughs of the game using the same character once the Final Boss is defeated. There's no choice to stay on "New Game" for players, so after you complete the story, you will automatically move on to NG+.

After first completing The Surge, you'll open up an option called New Game+. This new mode lets you play through the full game again, with a twist.

In New Game+, you'll face far tougher enemies than your first time playing, starting from the very first area! Although you start with full access to all equipment gained from previous runs, enemies will hit harder and be more heavily armored. Take a look at the video below for a good example of this:

New Game+ doesn't only feature scaled up versions of the same enemy placements seen in the normal game - you'll also have to watch out for new placements of tougher foes. Not only that, but we've hidden some extra secrets that only the keenest-eyed players will spot!

Risk and Reward

With the extra challenge offered by New Game+, you're going to have a rough time surviving the CREO complex. Fortunately, you do have ways of tanking up and dishing out additional damage!

During your first playthrough of The Surge, you're able to upgrade your equipment to higher tiers, such as Mk. II, Mk. III, etc. You do this by cutting off the relevant equipment directly from your enemies and using the resulting scrap to craft with.

New Game+ allows you to upgrade even higher tiers of equipment, raising the cap enforced in the standard game. And it doesn't end there...


How Many Plusses?

The challenge isn't over upon completion of your first New Game+ play through - each time you complete the game, you'll unlock the next tier of New Game+.
The New Game+ tiers can theoretically go on forever, with enemies that scale indefinitely. However, new equipment tiers stop being unlocked at New Game+++ (up to Mk. XX), so it'll be extremely tough (if not impossible) pass a certain point!


Changes with Game Plus

  • Enemies have more hit points, and deal increased damage.
  • Access to higher upgrade tiers
    • All gear gives the same tier as in NG but +5 Per NG+
      • Broken Lynx gear gives you Tier I parts in NG and Tier VI parts in NG+
  • A few enemies in every area are replaced with new ones that are much tougher than the normal enemies of the area.
    • They will have a pseudo-random amalgamation of gear.
      • IE: Lynx Arms, Chrysalis Legs, MG Gorgon Head, Rhino Body, MG Judge (Heavy Weapon)
    • Due to the random gear, these enemies are a good way to get early access to the higher tier materials.
      • IE: Chrysalis is always tier 4, so for NG+ it is tier IX and can be potentially be aquired as early as NG+ Abandoned Production.
      • Look at these enemies gear to determine what is the highest tier and relieve them of it.

What carries over to New Game Plus

  • Almost everything.
  • Unconverted crafting materials (Broken Parts) still in inventory gain +5 to their ranks (Mk), giving you an edge in NG+. [Unconverted broken parts no longer carry over as of the latest patch released with "The Good, the Bad, and the Augmented" DLC]


What DOESN'T carry over to New Game Plus

  • Key items/Quest items.
    • Power Cores (ATLAS/BOTECS)
    • Collectibles (IRONMAUS comics, Shining Coins), except for collected Audiologs.
  • All Mk I - V components.
    • They may appear in the inventory, but the Gear Assembly will only allow Crafting/Upgrades for Mk VI-IX and X, scaling with cycle).
  • Companion Drone
    • All acquired functions ARE kept and are immediately available upon reobtaining the drone again.
  • Security Rig functionality (as well as the alternate rig/suit colors for both upgrades).


To-do Checklist before New Game Plus

  • Make sure to USE UP all components for upgrade before facing Rogue Process (you'll be moved to New Game+ automatically, so you can't free roam)
    • NOTE: Everything can be upgraded to Mk VI in the first area of NG+, making them only slightly stronger than Nano Core reinforced Mk V gear, but depending on how low their upgrade level is the Tech Scrap cost can be quite hefty.
    • Unused components will be unusable and will clutter up your components screen (it is advised to sort by Mk from this point onward).
  • Complete crafting full gear sets with cheaper costs for completion's sake, if you so desire.
    • Craft one extra MG Gorgon head, chest, and leg piece each for Irina's quest if you wish to complete it while reducing cost/time in the next cycle). Be sure to be wearing the verions you wish to keep when offering the spares to her.
  • Go back to the high-level Overcharge boxes containing Nano Cores to upgrade your final fight gear to maximum level.
    • They become unusuable afterwards, however, so skip this if you don't have a use for them as the Mk beyond that is readily available in the next game cycle).
    • There are enough Nano Cores to fully upgrade one full gear set and one weapon, with 2 to spare (allowed to miss 1 box).
  • Make sure you didn't miss any Security Doors throughout the game after obtaining the Security Rig for valuable and unique endgame implants and collectibles.
  • NPC questline resolution (though most are either completed or failed by the time you reach the Nucleus, there may be some changes such as Dr. Gene Barett's "evolution").


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    • Anonymous

      After seeing this I’m glad I didn’t buy the game full price and bought everything while it was on sell still not happy you eventually can’t play the game anymore at some point because it becomes Uber impossible difficulty or something basically wasting all the time you put into building yourself up ingame plus what about us non hardcores over here who just want to enjoy the game while not being torn uh new well ya know lol

      • Anonymous

        If you're wondering about The Good, the Bad and the Augmented DLC, while it does reset your progress (you will have to play through episodes 1-9 in order again), it is no longer tied to base game progress. So you could technically just enter the Testing Chamber at the very beginning of the game and then proceed to clear the entire DLC without leaving once. Your modifiers won't be reset either, you will have access to those that you unlocked in NG.

        If you're hunting achievements I'd advise grinding for all the armors and weapons in NG though, I'm gonna have to do it in NG+ with tougher enemies now.

        • Anonymous

          The biggest change I’ve noticed between play throughs on NG+, NG++, NG+++, and NG++++, is the rig slots increase up to a maximum of like 38 I believe and the Mark XX weapons do absolutely insane damage. Literally everything else past That is pointless to do.

          • Anonymous

            Very weirdly balanced and way too grindy, but hey those guys who 2-hit you with boss weapons will sometimes teabag your corpse and that's why ng+ is worth it

            • Anonymous

              if you have the angel VI dlc, farming that enemy grants you lvl 2, 7, 12 and 17 depend of your lvl of NG, specialy usefull for the weapon of your choice, 3 angels and you have lot of damage to spare

              • Anonymous

                Hello fans of hardcore, I can not find information about the number of unique passages NG +, please tell me how many of them all?

                • Anonymous

                  I think they should change NG+ from infinite to some reasonable number. All that grinding and farming is gone for nothing once it becomes hell difficult to play. Also it is super expensive to upgrade weapons three and more levels.

                  • Anonymous

                    Actually, it should be enough nano cores to upgrade a complete armor set and 2 (!) Weapons (maybe one box came with a later DLC? In that case the info here is just outdated :D)

                    • Anonymous

                      Let me share some secrets, when the game first begins, and you are in the train, you can press square and see a huge rocket or missed launch. there are some blood stains and drag marks in the first area before you choose your rig. The boss fire bug will visit,you in area one, just after you meet sally and leave. He won't fight, he will just fly around then fly away.

                      • Anonymous

                        So what are the "secrets"?! I see everyone writing that line and yet i have seen no one say what the secrets are. Im almost at the end of NG+ and i found no "secret". Is it audio logs? Was hoping for something nicer like new weapon or armor set. They should have saved an armor set for NG+.

                        • Anonymous

                          I started new game and none of my materials were converted like it says. I still have my nano core from the first game and still have materials from Mk 1 to Mk 4

                          • Anonymous

                            So when you start a new game. when you are wheeling yourself to recruitment there is nothing out of the ordinary but in new game plus they sneak in a blood trail leading to a vent across from recruitment.

                            • Anonymous

                              Too bad there's not much incentive to actually upgrade to higher tier items... All bonus stats that actually give items personality, stay the same apart from some extra defence.

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