Drone Modules in The Surge are special accessories used to enhance your combat abilities. These modules are found as you progress through the game.


Drone Modules Information




 Focused Infra-Blaster

Ranged Attack

Energy Consumption 18

Acquired at Drone Registration

 Concussive Module

Melee Attack

Energy Consumption 18

Conveyor Hub - found when you across the pipe and fight your way down the stairs to the right.

 Industrial Electromagnet

Pull Enemy

Energy Consumption 24

Found at Resolve Biolabs

Emergency Coolant Vent

Area Slowdown

Energy Consumption 12

Found at Resolve Chemical Refinery

 Flamethrower Tank

Incinerating Attack

Energy Consumption 48

Found at Applied Nano Science

Anti-Kinetic Shield Reduce incoming damage.

Found at Executive Forum


    • Anonymous

      07 Nov 2018 22:43  

      There is the S&R flare launcher at 18 energy consumption found in creo world. The shield is 24 energy consumption.

      • Anonymous

        15 Sep 2018 17:16  

        There is a magnetic. Pull humanoids and small robots towards it. You can drop from a certain area in the third map.

        • Anonymous

          25 Sep 2017 01:59  

          The Anti-Kinetic doesnt use any energy ?
          I have not found that yet
          but i got the IronMaus armor and im wondering if they are worth combo-ing?

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