Alec Norris

Alec Norris is an NPC in The Surge.



Alec Norris Location

  • You will first find Alec in the Operations Base in the Exhibition Floor. He will ask you to look for his daughter and give you the item: Key Card - ID #RD 23941001.
  • You can find his daughter at the top of the building, to get there you must jump through a shattered window and Maddy (Roboter) should be in the Room at the end of the floor with a broken leg.
  • Maddy says that she played Hide&Seek and sends an message to Alex Norric to come and get here.
  • Maddy and Alec Norris can be found in the Servicestation and he asks you if you could find a a new leg for Maddy in order to fix her.
  • You get the leg by killing an enemy which looks similair to Maddy by focussing the leg.
  • Bring the Robotic Leg back to Alex Norric and you will gain Stamina Boost Lv.3
  • Maddy can be found for the second time at the lower level of the OPS in the Nucleus. You can hear her if you walk up to the crates seperating Warren and her but by the time you navigate around to her location she will be dead. Looting a Little Girl's Necklace off her corpse and bringing it back to Alex will cause him to question you on the whereabouts of her location. Telling him that she is dead grants you a reward while lying to him (telling him that she is missing) will not give you a reward.


Alec Norris Drop

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Alec Norris Tips/Notes

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    • Anonymous

      18 Dec 2017 18:33  

      For, me, I have the leg for Maddy but when I return in the med bay Maddy is alone, his father is not here...
      It is because I going to Nucleus between? I searched on labo area and I cannot find Alec :/

      • Anonymous

        29 Sep 2017 05:36  

        To those complaining about Maddy, especially Souls players:

        Just saying, Souls has done this at least 3 times in all the game friend.

        1. The hollow merchant in the Burge with the katana was a main offender from what I hear.

        2. Ornifex

        3. Not as important as the last 2 but the coriander in Ariandel

        Not to mention unlike these 3, unless it was updated as such Maddy is Red whole other bots of her type are yellow.

        Just learn to follow the lock-on rule. If you can't lock onto it, it's friendly.

        • Anonymous

          18 Jun 2017 00:31  


          Why would they make Maddy look like any *****ing normal goddarn ROBOT, just a different color, and make the game autosafe the second I hit her ?
          She was dead within the first two attacks of a non-abortable combo.

          ***** that***** !

          I was like "What the hell, the robot speaks with a girl´s voice - " and BAM, Maddy is history.
          Thanks for *****ing my quest, autosafe.

          The Souls games at least have the decency to let NPCs respawn !
          And if you have permadeath on NPCs don´t *****ing AUTOSAFE the moment a player attacks.

          Or, what do I know, maybe TELL us that she is a mother*****ing ROBOT ! GODDAMMIT !

          Sorry for my language, but I am a completionist, and now I can forget that mission till I am in NG+... also, I killed a innocent girl-A.I. Great, just great -.-
          I think she screamed for her daddy when she died :(

          • Anonymous

            04 Jun 2017 19:55  

            I accidentally hit her and her dad while in medbay. I hit them pretty *****ing hard. Game instantly saved so I tried reloading and they're both gone. No dead bodies anywhere, Alec isn't on any stairs with an audiolog, they just straight disappeared.

            • Anonymous

              30 May 2017 10:59  

              I just found her and was like "Oh, it's a robot! I bet it's based on his dead kid or something. I wond-"
              And then the flamethrower*****I'd ran past came up to the doorway and blasted her while I was listening to her. Sad as hell, man.

              • Anonymous

                29 May 2017 18:48  

                Schrödingers Alec Norris
                I made it to the Final Step. Went to give Alec the Pendent but he was Dead... but i was still able to talk to him .... I dont know why...
                But also nothing Happens if i try to...

                • Anonymous

                  24 May 2017 10:30  

                  I forgot to get a leg and made it to the nucleus. Then I backtracked through the levels and found Maddy in the exhibition floor medbay asking me to bring her daddy back to her :(

                  • Anonymous

                    20 May 2017 17:17  

                    I backtracked near the end of the game to give him the leg and Alec is missing, I did not see Maddy in the last few zones but Alec is missing.

                    • Anonymous

                      19 May 2017 15:36  

                      I died right in front of Maddy before i could talk to her, she was gone and so was Alec, I see the audio log but am unable to pick it up :S

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