ASTir SpectreBite


Damage Damage


Impact Impact


Attack Speed Attack Speed


Single Rigged Proficiency Scaling


Energy Gain Energy Gain


Elemental Damage

24  Crush Damage 9

Slash Damage

16  Thrust Damage 17

ASTir SpectreBite is a Weapon in The Surge.



ASTir SpectreBite Information

“ASTir's SpectreBite is the heavy-duty answer to their Vibro-Cutter model, with extreme cutting power and a mounted single-rigged design to better handle its increased weight. The secret to its exceptional performance can be found in ASTir's plasma focusing nodes, which use local magnetic fields to contain and modulate the SpectreBite's plasma beams.”




ASTir SpectreBite Location/ Where to find


ASTir SpectreBite Notes & Tips

  • Has a fair bit of impact for a one-handed weapon.
  • Use it until you find the Volatile Spectre in the poisonous section of the Power Plant, or until you defeat P.A.X and get the P.A.X Imperator.
  • Early in your first game, it can sometimes be difficult to farm crafting materials with this weapon (and the Volatile Spectre) once upgraded to Mk 2, as they both tend to kill before you get enough energy for a finishing move. If you're having troubles, drop down to the ASTir Vibro-Cutter, as it does a bit less damage at the same Mk level.
  • Salvages to Tungsten Alloy Mk. I



ASTir SpectreBite Upgrade Table


 Upgrade Cost


Prof 5 Damage

Prof 10 Damage

Prof 20 Damage

Prof 25

Mk. I 741 9 43        
Mk. II  2,966 9 53        
Mk. III 6.835 9 64        
Mk. IV 11,353 9 74        
Mk. V 26,850 3          
Mk. VI   45,202   9 110 119      
Mk. VII   60,837   9 129 141    186  
Mk. VIII   76,950   9 147 159   212   
Mk. IX   93,378   9 166 180   240   
Mk. X   26,850   3   200      288 


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