Central Production B is a in The Surge.



  • Central Production B is where you acquire your Companion Drone.
  • You'll spend lots of time here throughout the game and the enemy types vary depending on what bosses you've defeated—so make sure you get familiar with the layout.



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Once you arrive, head up the stairs. You can listen to the briefing on the monitor here for some more lore/story about the game.

Then head through the door to the left of the monitor into Drone Registration. Interact with the terminal to acquire a companion drone! Be sure to pick up the pile of Tech Scrap in the corner opposite the terminal. Now that you have your Companion Drone you can access the elevator in this area.

Head down the elevator into Personnel Arrival. Head forward and right and use your drone to defeat the other drone here.

Head forward and into the Operations Base, which you will find only the Medbay currently working as it is running on emergency power.

Head out of the Operations Base and head left and then immediately left again to head into the Material Depot.


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