Irina Beckett


Irina Beckett is an NPC in The Surge.



Irina Beckett Location

  • You will first meet Irina Beckett in the Conveyor Hub, down a set of stairs near the piping that stretches across the expanse and leads to the Operations Base shortcut. Here she will ask you for a good staff. You can give here the Reinforced Pipe or the Mg Negotiator. If you give her the MG Negotiator she will survive and appear in the next location, she will also destroy one of the two Smelter Bots in the same level, leaving the Shiny Coin on the ground for collection where it normally would have been. Given that the two Smelter Bots are right next to each other in recycling, it is advisable to give her a staff of your choosing before tackling the Smelter Bots.
    • You can find the Mg Negotiator quicky if you follow the stairs down where Beckett is and kill one of  two security guards near the tracks.
    • You can also give her a BioMaster staff (found a bit after the Firebug fight). With luck this allows you to have full Gorgon set very early (from 4 security guards). A second Biomaster staff will be found in next area/Biolabs
  • The second time you meet Irina, she will be resting against a wall at the top of some stairs in the Resolve Chemical Refinery. Simply speak to her here to advance her quest line.
  • The third time you meet here she will appear in the Material Depot right next to the Operations Base before you defeat The Black Cerberus and she will ask you for MG Gorgon Gear. If you give her the pieces she requires she will survive until your final meeting.
  • The last time you meet Irina she will be located in the CREO Executive Forum next to a Security Door. She will become hostile if you speak to her a few times and will threaten to attack you if you don't turn back. If you fight her and sever her right arm you will acquire the staff: Peacekeeper.
  • If you visit OPS and return to her location after killing her you'll find her corpse missing, leaving just an exoskeleton and a wig behind. (This is a bug, as the hair will turn to face you if you stand in front of the exoskeleton. The corpse goes "missing" upon burning up, instead of only after returning to OPS.)

       * If MG Negotiator is collected before meeting her she will not let you give her the reinforced pipe she just exlaimes (hope thats not all you have) untill you give her the MG.

Irina Beckett Drop



Irina Beckett Tips/Notes

  • If you give her the Peacekeeper in NG+ Irina will comment on how perfect of a weapon it is.
  • If you give her the Staff before killing the two Smelting Machines Irina will kill one of them leaving just the coin it drops behind.
  • Upon meeting Irina in the material depot while wearing a complete set of gorgon armour, she will mistake you for a security captain, revealing that she isn't an engineer; or at least that she can't remember being one. She accepts the armour you are wearing once you take it off.
  • If you're careful, you can kill only one of the Security guards in Central Production B, take his MG Negotiator, go downstairs and give his weapon to Irina, and then go back upstairs, kill the second guard, and get the MG Negotiator again.  This is a good way to very quickly advance her questline while acquiring the MG Negotiator early in the game, as it is a good weapon to use for the Creo World DLC halfway through Central Production B.

 Be careful pulling the flamethrower guy out where she rests at the second meeting or you may end up killing her like I did and stopping her questline for that playthrough.

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    • Anonymous

      17 Oct 2019 02:19  

      I just did a one-handed weapon only playthrough where I didn't give her anything, just talked to her at each location. She still showed up at the end with the Peacekeeper. :S

      • Anonymous

        26 Jul 2019 23:04  

        What happened two security guards near Iryna? When I played dwo years ago on PS4 they were there. Some time ago I bought pc version and I have a problem with this quest. I killed two security guards near MedBay and I don't know how to get Mg Negotiator...

        • Anonymous

          01 Oct 2018 21:15  

          Major note: I think, even if you don't give her a staff, she will move on to future encounters if you destroy both smelters before reaching the second encounter. Currently in a run where I didn't want to give her a staff because I was trying out doing a staff run, killed the two smelters, found her in second encounter, and now at the point of seeing her at the third encounter spot. Decided to not give her the armor she wanted to see what would happen for the final encounter.

          • Anonymous

            30 Sep 2018 18:01  

            This is as messed up as souls game npcs get. I thought she would help in a boss fight one day or something, give her a weapon and armor. Get some lore or story from her,,, Then, oh..,you did all that so you can cut off her arm and get a nice staff... irina doesn't attack you at all unless you start it or go for the aggressive conversation option when you meet her in executive form. Oh least it keeps the game dark. Can't have too many buddies alive.

            • Anonymous

              18 Jun 2018 01:15  

              Is there any other encounters/easter eggs if you choose *not* to kill her in the executive forum? I want the spear so I'm not going to test it this playthrough, but I am curious...

              • Anonymous

                14 Jun 2018 22:28  

                For people doing too much damage. The knockdown kick from behind followed by a killing blow will cut the limb.

                • Anonymous

                  08 Jun 2018 19:51  

                  She wouldn't take my reinforced pipe either, despite me trying to give it to her constantly.. over and over..

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Mar 2018 12:23  

                    Pro tip, lads: If you favorite the staff before giving it to her, you can still use it afterwards by cycling through your weapons (right on the d-pad for controllers, "G" for keyboard) On the inventory screen you don't have anything equipped, but in-game you'll be able to see it, kill with it and raise you proficiency like it was there

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Jun 2017 04:37  

                      Giving her either staff, even in ng, before killing the smelters will also result in Irinakilling one for you. Took me a moment to figure out why it was gone.

                      • Anonymous

                        31 May 2017 00:04  

                        ''I am a born survivor! But I will only accept high end weapons when I've got none! Lolz!''
                        Truly the mind of a born survivor.

                        • Anonymous

                          20 May 2017 23:50  

                          Yeah well, the implentation sucks ... bad. I had to abort killing Irina on the 4th encounter because I dealt way too much damage and could not build up enough energy. After coming back again she was still at 10% health. Fell back again and equipped keep 50% energy implants. Ran up to her and executed her right atm, no staff. I have no words for how badly implemented this***** is.

                          • 20 May 2017 15:32  

                            After finishing her questline and killing her, I noticed that if you return to her room her exoskeleton is there (and a wig?!) but her body is not. I don't suppose there's anything else to this?
                            It's interesting because the exoskeleton's right arm was cut off too, and I did finish her off with the arm cut so it's definitely hers.

                            • Anonymous

                              20 May 2017 02:08  

                              While I do really enjoy the game and like it alot I agree that her placement on the second encounter totally sucks. Placing her near that tough enemy that keeps strolling into your conversation is pure trolling of the devs. I didn't hit her, but I still wasted time and consumable on this crap and also missed some dialogue.

                              • Anonymous

                                Irina Beckett [The surge Wiki]19 May 2017 09:06  

                                I have her aggro too and I let her kill me but every time I go back to the location she gets all bitchy :c and there's no way to go back

                                • Anonymous

                                  19 May 2017 05:31  

                                  Wow I just hit muddy the red robot too wtf this game sucks so bad they bait u to hit her so bad now I think I blew that whole quest line and the one with staff girl

                                  • Anonymous

                                    17 May 2017 01:06  

                                    I did not give her any staff when i first met her and did not meet her at the second location, and she still showed up in the 3rd location asking for the armor pieces, she says something "thanks for nothing but i found a staff by myself", i gave her the armor and she still showed up in the executive forum.

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