Jo is an NPC in The Surge. 


Jo Location

  • Jo will first "appear" in Toxic Waste Disposal in a large pipe, just to the right where you first enter. Speak to her before fighting the LU-74 Firebug boss or after defeating it and she will ask you for 5000 Tech Scrap. If you give it will advance her quest line.
  • The second time you will run into her is in Build Service Access before fighting Big SISTER 1/3. Once again she is in a pipe here and this time she will ask for 10,000 Tech Scrap. This will advance her quest line.
  • The third time you run into Jo is in Research & Development, straight forward as you go up the very first set of steps. She will try to kill you inside here and you will need to get into the room to the left inside here. Inside you will find Equalizer and a Contact Station with the Audiolog: Dear Micky... 
  • The next time you meet Jo is in the Utopia Loading Bay. You can either give her Equalizer or 15K Tech Scraps.


Jo Drop

  • ??
  • ??



Jo Tips/Notes

  • If given the Equalizer at the third meeting, you will find it lying beside Dean Hobbs' body when you return to the Material Depot.
  • Jo's 3 targets were Hobbs, Hank, and Ivo; she blames them for the death of her lover Micky.
  • Hobbs will survive if you don't give Jo the EQUALIZER upon their third meeting. Returning to Hobbs at this point will alow Warren to get Hobbs' side of the story.
  • After killing Hobbs, Warren can find her corpse in her hideout cradling a dead body (that had been originally covered in a sheet )(presumed to be Micky).
  • If you dont give jo the scrap or never meet her, when you find her room the weapon isnt there. Instead its the Sunglasses you get as a final reward. ie you can skip the questline if you just want the glasses...
  • After completing the quest line you can find her dead in her hideout holding mickey's body.

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    • Anonymous

      She left a bloodhound bot if after giving her the 15k you return to the gas room and before progressing further, recording days: " Careful little thieves putting your fingers where they don't belong, they could get bitten off." Also the body of Micky is missing.

      • Anonymous

        For anyone who get the weapon in her base, and when you talk to her in R&D, only have the option of giving her the weapon:

        If you equip the weapon and talk to her in R&D while holding it, she’ll accuse you of stealing it and you can then offer her the 15,000 tech scrap or the weapon back. Just select the “I’ll give you scrap for it” conversation option

        • Anonymous

          I gave her the scrap the first 2 times and took the Equalizer but i cant give her scrap on the third eno****er on rnd, meaning i cant get hobb's dialogue lines on micky. AnY fix?

          • Anonymous

            Fml, I was trying out moves with the Firebug-dropped weapon, did the fire spin attack, and accidentally burned Hobbes to death. Don’t practice moves near friendly NPC’s.

            • Anonymous

              How am I supposed to talk to Hobbs about Micky? The conversational options are not coming up. Gave Jo tech scrap the first two times that I met her, took the hammer from her lair, did not give it back to her at the third meeting. Where/when am I supposed to get the conversation options?

              • Anonymous

                Turns out it *****s the questline if you kill Hobbes yourself. She says you can have anything in her hideout and doesn't ask for the 15k scrap, meaning you can't get the achievement.

                • Anonymous

                  Later in R&D she will also be in a Pipe near the refill-station/Shortcut. You wont get the techscrap Option tho, Just the one with her weapon

                  • Anonymous

                    Ffs I gave her the weapon back hoping she would be cool with me and ask for more tech am I supposed to know how she will react... Now I have to do 2 extra playthroughs if I want those 2 trophies....nope lol ***** that

                    • Anonymous

                      Steal her weapon in her room, Don't give her the weapon back, give her scrap instead, she will try to build the weapon again, but it will take too much time, hobs won't die.

                      • Anonymous

                        Did the first and second encounter and went into the gas room; took the weapon told i'll keep it and gave her the scraps for third encounter. Hobbs lives and the gas room has grafitti as well as a lil' surprise. ;)

                        • Anonymous

                          I managed to get the Equalizer and a living Hobbs. I DIDN'T go down the poison corridor until AFTER I gave her the 15,000, the only thing in the room was the Mickey dialogue - all three names were still crossed out. I made my way back to production and found Hobbs standing outside ops staring at a puddle of blood with the Equalizer lying in it. I never got his secondary dialogue about Jo or Mickey, I'll have to try on another play.

                          • Anonymous

                            Like the post below, neither the equalizer nor the sunglasses appeared in either location even thoughI gave jo scrap at all three locations.

                            • tl;dr If you want to avoid weird/awkward quest progression with Jo - give her 10 000 before fighting the Big Sister 1/3.

                              A word of advice regarding her 2nd appearance - if you don't have 10k for her at the time and proceed onward along the path (there's only 1 path - up the catwalk), you may (like silly me) actually engage the boss fight. I was also quite silly in venturing to RnD right away, without trying to look if Jo is stil at her spot... What ended up happening - the events of the third encounter (when she tries to gas you), but when I managed to get to her room - there was no Equalizer (never had that weapon in my inv.) and upon checking my Organizer, I could not later on find a log titled Dear Micky. (Also, never found her for 4th encounter, she was gone from 'my' game ;-;)

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