Nano Core





Upgrades Mk. IV to Mk. V and Mk. IX to Mk. X

Nano Core is a Component in The Surge.


Nano Core Details

Used to assemble Mk. V (Mk. X in NG+) weapons and gear.

Each chunk of 'nano-matter' begins as a single microscopic seed of nanites which replicate themselves until a standardized mass is reached, at which point its adaptive programming takes over. The resultant Nano Core will automatically analyze and improve any tool, weapon, or piece of gear to which it is applied. ”




Nano Core Locations, Notes & Tips

Main Game

DLC - Creo World

  • Firestarter Rollercoaster (Under the stairs) (2x) - Overcharge (60)
  • In tunnels after killing the Carbon Cat (2x) - Overcharge (70)

DLC - The Good, The Bad and The Augmented

  • Episode 9 - Drops from Nanite Masses 
    NOTE: You must FINISH the Episode to claim the loot. Either by jumping off the side back into the Testing Chamber Main room or by killing the Boss.

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