Nano Core





Upgrades Mk. IV to Mk. V and Mk. IX to Mk. X

Nano Core is a Component in The Surge.


Nano Core Details

Used to assemble Mk. V (Mk. X in NG+) weapons and gear.

Each chunk of 'nano-matter' begins as a single microscopic seed of nanites which replicate themselves until a standardized mass is reached, at which point its adaptive programming takes over. The resultant Nano Core will automatically analyze and improve any tool, weapon, or piece of gear to which it is applied. ”




Nano Core Locations, Notes & Tips

 DLC Nano Core Location

From Central Production B

  • Firestarter (Under the stairs) (2x) - Overcharge (60)

From Reserch & Development

  • Park Maintance (2x) - Overcharge (60)
  • No Data Avible (In tunels after kiling the Carbon Cat) (2x) - Overcharge (85)

    • Anonymous

      24 Sep 2018 07:57  

      In the DLC From R&D it's incorrect. It's 85 for the one in the entrance to Park Maintenance and 70 after Carbon Cat. Could this be verified and updated? : > -Faxxleton

      • 25 Aug 2018 08:01  

        So if I dont use them all in my first walkthrou I can use them to ugrade weponad to Mk.X in NG, or do Nanocores from NG are next tier that don't stack with those from first walkthoru ?

        • Anonymous

          05 Jun 2017 05:04  

          There is also:
          Resolve Biolabs
          • Laboratories (2x) - Overcharge (80)
          *Between the stairs with the sleeping Sentry/Dog-bot thing (Iron Maus #9 is on the adjacent table) and the hydroponics containers with the patroling Box+Crane/Janitor-bot thing.

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