Dr. Gene Barett

Dr. Gene Barett is an NPC in The Surge.



Dr. Gene Barett Location

  • Gene can first be found in Applied Nano Science. Speak with him there and advance his quest.
  • Restricted Projects is where he will be found next. Speak to him here to learn of his monstrous plans.



Dr. Gene Barett Drop


Dr. Gene Barett Tips/Notes

  • To obtain Codename: Valkyrie, agree that Barett's experiments are interesting and beneficial to mankind and return to him after using the Overcharge (30) power conduit in any of the Security Doors on the level. At this point, he should have transformed into a standard PROTEUS. Attack him and dismember his right arm to obtain the weapon.
    • It is recommended to use a weaker weapon to avoid killing him before dismembering his right arm if you are on a NG+
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    • Anonymous

      Accidentally attacked him when first meeting him in R&D. Could not speak to him after and upon reloading areas he disappeared. Any chance to finish his quest anymore?

      • Anonymous

        Also funny thing, I actually rushed him and killed jim on a second playthrough before he pressed the button...but I don't think it changed anything

        • Anonymous

          I received the weapon and trophy from him by just going to the nucleus and then returning. I denounced his experiments as well.

          • Anonymous

            After a while Gene Barrett will became a machine too (https://goo.gl/AdMTUs). If you attack him and cut off his arm you can get a weapon called valkyria (https://goo.gl/MKd3wW).
            You get also the achievment "Homo Machinalis"

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