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Material Depot is a Location in The Surge.


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Material Depot Walkthrough

Head forward and go to the power conduit that needs Overcharging, but be careful you will be ambushed if you try to use it. Defeat the ambusher, and sever his torso for the remaining Rhino Gear you are missing, if you need it.  Overcharge (10) the power conduit and then return to the Operations Base to find the power restored. Use the Contact Station to receive the Audiolog: Waiting for Help. Use the Communication Terminal to speak with Sally, who will ask you find out what is going on, then head back into the Material Depot.

The elevator is currently out of order, so head down the short stairs and break the boxes on your left. Below is the Implant: Aggression Amplifier v.1. Nearby you will find Dean Hobbs, Overcharge him to power up his Rig and speak with him. He will tell you he's heading up to the Operations Base, you can find him there later and he will give you some upgrade materials if you speak with him. Just to the left of him is the Audiolog: Failsafe Protocol 96:00:00.

Drop down and fight the enemies here, being careful as they hit hard. Head left and pick up the Audiolog: The Nightmare Begins. From the Audiolog, head right to the power conduit next to the locked door and container. Be careful as there is an enemy right behind it. Davey is locked inside, Overcharge (10) the power conduit and speak with him. He will head up to the Operations Base where he will ask you to look for his meds if you speak with him. You will find the Modaxinol Injector later in the game and if you give it to him he will give you the Implant: Vital Injection v.3.

After rescuing Davey, head out of the room you found him in and head behind the containers that are ahead. On the left behind the containers are some Mk.2 upgrade materials and an Overcharge (75) power conduit that contains 2 Nano Core. Behind the right containers is an enemy and an Exo-Lift that you can take up to the Discarded Safety Equipment. There are some tough machines up here so come prepared. The good news is that you only have to kill them once as they don't respawn, and you can easily make them jump down the lift to their deaths. After you defeat them you will find the Implant: Mechanized Counterweight v.2. Head back to the Operations Base and spend your Tech Scrap or bank it.

Head back into the Material Depot and head straight and take down the two Security Officers there. If you sever their right arm you will get the MG Negotiator weapon. They also drop schematics for the MG Gorgon Gear. Head back through the boxes just near here and drop down to where you first found Dean Hobbs. Drop down again, defeat the enemies again and head right this time, into the Conveyor Hub.



Material Depot Tips/Notes

  • There are two CREO Security Guards here, and an additional two later in the zone - if you are careful you can build the whole MG Gorgon gear set and get the MG Negotiator staff from the four of them.  You will likely need to give the MG Negotiator to Irina Beckett, but do not worry about that as you can get another MG Negotiator later, along with the SERU HSS Biomaster once you've defeated the Act II boss.  If you're using staves for your primary weapon, it's recommended to ignore Irina's quest until you've defeated the Firebug, and then backtrack immediately and give her the MG Negotiator before leaving the zone.  You will find the SERU HSS Biomaster before leaving the zone, and can use it in Act III while you don't have an MG Negotiator.
  • You can separate the two security guards at the checkpoint by killing the first two RHINO zombies in this area, and then pulling the guards to where the second one was - the first guard will run back to the checkpoint and then you can fight the second by himself.  Be aware that they are EXTREMELY difficult to kill at this point in the game, they fight much more like a player does and will use blocks and counters, and most of their attacks are two-part combos that can kill you quite quickly.  They're quite possible to kill, but do not try to get in lots of staggering attacks like you're used to on the zombies you've faced already - they will circle you and jump in to attack, so you should just circle them and dodge or counter when they attack, and jump in to get a few hits on the bodypart you're trying to sever, then jump back out and keep circling with them.  This is the first type of enemy that you will fight that's a long fight, and you might do well to treat them like a boss, stacking Vital Boost and Vital Injection implants, but just remember that you will need energy for a finishing move.


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      It is confirmed the MG Gorgon security guards that show up near the train to the rocket yard after you open the Circulation Tower do respawn(they drop mkIII weapon and gear components). They are accompanied by a upgraded leaping robot (new stun attack).

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