CREO Security Guard


The CREO Security Guard is an Enemy in The Surge.


CREO Security Guard Information

The CREO Security Guards are the light variant of the security forces that guard the CREO facility. They are equipped with Staves to defend against unruly employees and other potential threats to CREO. 

CREO Security Guards are equipped with an MG Negotiator.

CREO Security Guard Location

Location Health Tech Scrap Respawn
Central Production B (Material Depot)* ? ? Yes/No
Central Production B (Conveyor Hub)* ? ? Yes/No
Resolve Biolabs (Outer Sewers) ? ? Yes
Research and Development (Exhibition Floor)* ? ? Yes
Executive Forum (Towering Eye) ? ? Yes
Executive Forum (Armory) ? ? Yes
Executive Forum (CREO Executive Forum)** ? ? Yes

*Only appear as reinforcements after releasing the PROTEUS Test Subjects when talking to Dr. Gene Barret. Two pairs of non-hostile CREO Security Guards are present on Warren's first vist to Central Production B, they are non-respawning and despawn without needing to be killed after releasing the PROTEUS Test Subjects. **More Creo Security Guards will arrive upon exiting the Boardroom, guarding the exit to the Nucleus.

CREO Security Guard Drop

CREO Security Guard Tips/Notes

  • CREO Security Guards are sometimes accompanied by Shield Drones, it is advisable to take these out first.
  • CREO Security Guards that are manning surveillance stations have no gear on at all. These are an good target to take out first in a group as they are easily taken down.
  • CREO Security Guards who have their left arm armored will have access to a ranged attack by firing a taser dart from a shoulder-mounted launcher. This attack has very little audio warning, and will deal light damage and stun Warren if it hits.


    • Anonymous

      15 May 2018 16:49  

      make these fuckers respawn, stupid broken game makes it so three times now i got nothing. i did sever their arm each time. so far worthless sci-fi rip off of dark souls.

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