RHINO Zombie

Weakness Fast Attacks, Dodging
RHINO Zombie
Weakness Block-Countering, Heavy Weapons 

The RHINO Zombie Worker is an Enemy in The Surge.


RHINO Zombie Worker Information

Commonly found in and around Central Production B, these zombie workers are equipped with RHINO Gear and are far more aggressive than their LYNX counterparts.
Further into the game they are largely replaced by SCARAB Zombie Workers who behave identically but make use of the SCARAB Gear.

They come in two varieties - one equipped with an ENDAS RS3 Titan, the other equipped with the Yosuke Butterfly.
Those equipped with the Yosuke Butterfly have less health than those equipped with the Titan.

The titan-equipped zombies also make use of the various rivet-gun mounts found around the complex, and will make a bee-line for them if they see the player approaching unless the player gets within close combat range.  You can ping them with a zero-energy drone shot to get them to let go of the gun mount for a moment and then charge without taking any hits from their rivet gun.

Rhino zombies are worth 180 Tech Scrap apiece.














RHINO Zombie Worker Location

Location Health Tech Scrap Respawn
Abandoned Production (Main Assembly Line) ? 180 Yes
 Abandoned Production (Power Plant) ? 180 Yes
Central Production B (Material Depot) ? ? Yes
Central Production B (Conveyor Hub) ? ? Yes
Central Production B (Recycling) ? ? Yes
Central Production B (Toxic Waste Disposal) ? ? Yes
Central Production B (Circulation Tower) ? ? Yes
Central Production B (Resolve Chemical Refinery) ? ? Yes
Resolve Biolabs (Outer Sewers) ? ? Yes
Resolve Biolabs (Resolve Biolabs) ? ? Yes
Resolve Biolabs (Tropical Climate Zone) ? ? Yes


RHINO Zombie Worker Drop


RHINO Zombie Worker Tips/Notes

  • RHINO zombies are significantly more aggressive than LYNX zombies and have closer movesets to those used by the player.
  • Titan-equipped zombies breathe very heavily, alerting an attentive player to their presence if they are lying in ambush out of sight.
  • Both titan and butterfly zombies are able to perform dangerous leaping attacks to close distance, but the Butterfly charge covers more distance and hits harder.
  • When a Titan zombie performs its vertical attack combo, the first hit lands before it begins the swing and will knock you down without high stability. Be sure to dodge or block well before he reaches striking range to avoid this.
  • All but one of the Butterfly zombie's attacks can be blocked, and they stagger very easily upon being hit with a successful counter attack. The attack which cannot be blocked is telegraphed by them crossing their arms across their chest, in preparation for a deadly double hit (interestingly, one of these two simultaneous hits can be blocked, allowing you to at least take half damage if you find yourself unable to dodge). 
  • If you slide-charge the Butterfly zombie's initial charging attack, you can kick her in the feet and then get a strong hit while she's down on the ground.  If you're using the TITAN, this can be enough to kill her in one shot, but you won't get an opportunity for a finishing move.


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