Dean Hobbs

Dean Hobbs is an NPC in The Surge. 


Dean Hobbs Location

  • You will first find Dean Hobbs in the Material Depot, through some breakable boxes next to the first set of steps and the elevator on the left side. If you Overcharge his suit he will move to the nearby Operations Base when you die or reload. 
  • If you speak to him in the Operations Base he will give you some upgrade materials.
  • Speaking to him later on in the game after you have advanced Jo's quest some will provide new dialogue with him.
  • Dean will die (if you have advance Jo's quest) after your confrontation with Dr.Gene Barett. Upon returning to OPS he will be lying outside. The Equalizer can be found next to his body if you gave it back to Jo during your third encounter.



Dean Hobbs Drop

  • ??
  • ??



Dean Hobbs Tips/Notes

  • If you confront Hobbs with the claim that he and the others killed Micky you can choose whether you believe he had nothing to do with it or tell him that he's lying. If you tell him he's lying he will tell the real story of how Micky lost his mind when the group was attacked which caused his unintended demise, Hobbs tells Warren that he can't tell Jo that he let Micky down. 
  • You are still able to give Jo her weapon/scrap after you've confronted Hobbs, killing him in the process.


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    • Anonymous

      So I found the guy, recharged him, he stood up, and when he did absolutely nothing I killed him. The big regret, oof.

      • Anonymous

        I kept the equalizer and gave jo 15k scraps, I have reached the last area, and hobs still lives, I think it will take jo too much time to build a brand new weapon, so I have both hobs and jo still alive. I returned to jos lair, and she sent a blood hound to attack me and activated her poison trap, so I guess she is still building a weapon but is mad at warren and hobs.also, hobs will still tell you about Mickey even if you say you believe him.

        • Anonymous

          If u dont give Jo Equalizer and 15k scrap and go back to Dean, in the new dialog section there will be choice to pick between beliving him or telling him hes lying. Can someone post the results of different choices ?

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