Aggression Amplifier



Aggression Amplifier is an Implant in The Surge.


Aggression Amplifier Details

Restores health when performing finishing moves.

"As a last-ditch option for specialized CREO security personnel, this implant's regenerative effects are triggered by the unique neurological stress response of hand-to-hand combat. In the case of a Class 5 (extreme) altercation or a total breakdown of management authority, anti-CREO dissidents may come to pose an existential  threat to ongoing operations. In such a regrettable scenario, it becomes the duty of CREO security to re-establish order.”



Aggression Amplifier V.1 Location/ Where to find

  • Abandoned Production - Behind some breakable boxes alongside the very first Medbay. Head out the exit near the transmission and turn right, smash through the boxes, and run past an exo-lift shortcut to find the implant.
  • Central Production B, Material Depot - Not far into the level, you will encounter Hobbs, who asks you to recharge his exo-suit. Just behind him is the implant. Backtrack, to just past the first RHINO worker. There is a gap in the wall next to an exo-lift shortcut. Jump down this and turn right to find a second Aggression Amplifier. You may now save Hobbs as well.

Aggression Amplifier V.2 Location/ Where to find

  • Resolve Biolabs
  • ??

Aggression Amplifier Notes & Tips

  • Aggression Amplifiers stack with each other, and are also affected by the healing bonus of the PROTEUS gear set.
  • Aggression Amplifiers stack well with the on-kill bonus of the Chrysalis gear set, and using them with the full PROTEUS or Chrysalis gear set can significantly increase the amount of time you can spend in the field before you need to go back to Ops and heal in the Medbay.





Fitting Cost

Aggression Amplifier v.1

10% Healing on successful finishing move.


Aggression Amplifier v.2

20% Healing on successful finishing move.


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