Vital Boost

vital boost



Vital Boost is an Implant in The Surge.


Vital Boost Details

Increases maximum health. Scales with Core Power.

"At CREO, employee health is a top priority, and we believe that the best way to treat an injury is to prevent it altogether! That's why all employees are supplied with Vital Boost implants, making the body tougher and more durable than ever before. Unfortunate accidents that might have caused missed shifts (or even lost employment) in a previous job won't even slow you down.”


Vital Boost V.1 Location/ Where to find

  • Just outside the very first Medbay, head forward and left, defeat the enemy and look inside the container behind him.
  • Main Assembly Line - On top of box in the room with about 6 guys. You'll need to head outside and up some stairs to drop down on it from above.
  • Power Plant - Behind two enemies in the dimly let corridor in the basement area.
  • Conveyor Hub - above the first enemy
  • Toxic Waste Disposal - near Exo-Lift


Vital Boost V.3 Location/ Where to find


Vital Boost V.5 Location/ Where to find

 Vital Boost Max (DLC)

  • Episode 8 - Cerberus Miniboss
  • Episode 3 - Miniboss (NG+)

Vital Boost Notes & Tips

  • The Vital Boost implant is a straight health bonus, which while obviously useful does not actually serve the purpose one would think - it's primary value is in surviving a big hit, so that you can heal and keep going - adding one or two doesn't usually make one especially "tanky", it just decreases the likelihood of being killed by a single hit.
  • Stacking Vital Boost and Vital Injection implants is the most common way to prep for killing bosses - if you're good at dodging, you tend not to need energy except for the finishing move on the Black Cerberus or Rogue Process.





Fitting Cost

vital boost Vital Boost v.1 10-35 health (scales with Core power) 2
vital boost v3 Vital Boost v.3 20-70 health (scales with Core power) 4
vital boost v5 Vital Boost v.5 35-115 health (scales with Core power) 7
vital boost xl v2 implant Vital Boost XL v.2 25-85 health (scales with Core power) 6
 vital boost xl v4 implant Vital Boost XL v.4 40-135 health (scales with Core power) 10
vital boost xl v4 implant Vital Boost Max (DLC) 80-300 health (scales with Core Power) 25


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