Vital Injection



Vital Injection is an Implant in The Surge.


Vital Injection Details

Injectable that restores health.

"While safety is always the highest priority at CREO, it's still important to take the proper precautions in case the worst actually does happen. In case of accidental injury, these emergency first aid injections will stabilize the unlucky employee and get them back on their feet, allowing them to seek more comprehensive medical at their convenience.”



Vital Injection V.1 Location/ Where to find


Vital Injection V.3 Location/ Where to find


Vital Injection V.5 Location/ Where to find


Vital Injection Notes & Tips

  • Functions like a "health potion" from other games - use it when injured to restore health.
  • There is a balance that you will have to learn while playing - you want to use injections to heal, but you want to save them for when you're actually low on health.  Don't "top off" your health with Vital Injections unless you've got no other choice, it's better to use the Medi-Voltaic Injection for that.
  • Vital Injections of the same rank can be stacked - each one will add 3 to the available injections, without needing to swap injectables.
  • Accumulating enough scrap to "level up" while killing enemies (as if you were in the medbay) will refill all of your injections by one, making it possible to stay out in the field longer.  The free refill is repeatable, as long as you don't go use the Medbay.
  • Using the Medbay will refill your injectors but also resets your scrap multiplier, and leveling up your core power will raise the amount of scrap you need to collect to get free refills while out in the field.
  • It's typical to prepare for boss fights by heavily stacking Vital Boost and Vital Injection implants - if you're skilled at dodging or blocking you don't generally need a lot of energy for bosses, as you'll only be using energy for finishing moves on the Black Cerberus and Rogue Process.





Fitting Cost

Vital Injection v.1 Restores 90 Health 3
Vital Injection v.3 Restores 180 Health 6
Vital Injection v.5 Restores 360 Health 9
vital_injection_max_implant Vital Injection MAX Restores 720 Health 20


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    • Anonymous

      When you "level up" out in the field you get free replenishes. "Level up" = when you collect enough scrap out in the field to actually go to your next core level.

      • Aye, I've noticed too - it seems to happen to me specifically when I kill an enemy with a finishing move, but I can't figure out the specific circumstance that causes it.

        • Anonymous

          Has anyone else noticed their number of injections replenishing on their own without visiting a medical bay?
          Every now and then I just notice that ive gotten an extra injection somehow and I cant figure out whats causing it to happen.

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