Conveyor Hub


Conveyor Hub is a Location in The Surge.


Conveyor Hub NPCs


Conveyor Hub Enemies

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Conveyor Hub Items/Weapons/Gear


Conveyor Hub Walkthrough

Immediately head left and look behind the container for some upgrade material, then head forward. There is a guy at the end of the corridor with a rocket launcher so dodge his shots and hit him to get him off it then finish him off. Head left and defeat the enemies here, picking up the Tech Scrap lying near one of them. Drop over the ledge near the first enemy here and defeat the rocket guy there before dropping down and fighting the two large machines. These machines are easy if you stay really close to them and strafe right. Bait their attacks and try to hit them from the side or behind for maximum damage. There are some breakable boxes near one of the machines that has some Tech Scrap behind it. Up above this enemy is an Implant: Vital Boost v.1. You can get there by head up the ramp and doubling back down the walkway.

Head through the door at the top of this ramp and break the breakable boxes in a container there to find the Implant: Energized Power Cell v.1. Defeat the four enemies just nearby. It is suggested you use the Companion Drone to pull them one at a time. These enemies drop the SCARAB Gear Schematics. There is an Overcharge (70) power conduit here that contains 2 Nano Core, but you cannot access it yet. Head back down the ramp and into the room where you killed one of the machines, there is an Exo-Lift at the top of some stairs. Take the lift up and follow the hallway to find some Tech Scrap and another Exo Lift. Take it down to find three enemies. Pull them one at a time with your Companion Drone once again.

There is an Implant: Plasmic Regenerator v.1 lying on the ground near these enemies. There is also some Tech Scrap hidden in a breakable container just down the steps to the right. Head straight down the hallway, defeating the enemies here. Do not go right into the shop yet, you will come back here later. Head forward, and you will see you just did a loop. Head down the stairs and speak with Irina Beckett. If you give her the MG Negotiator she will be happy. If you failed to get one, there are some more security guards just below her you can fight to get one.

Head back up the stairs and  You'll see some piping extending over space here to your left. Head across it watching out for the ambush of a charging guy because you can easily fall off. Head through the door and up the Exo-Lift. This will take you to the Operations Base. After spending your Tech Scrap, head back the way you just came and when you get to the guy standing with his back to you, turn left and head all the way up the ramp to find the Audilog: Waiting in Vain.

Head back across the pipe and fight your way down the stairs to the right. There is an upgrade for you Companion Drone: Concussive Module. There are also enemies here that have SCARAB Gear you can sever. There is an Overcharge (60) power conduit here that contains 2 Nano Core, but you cannot open it yet. Head all the way down to the bottom to find the Implant: Vital Injection v.1. Now you're going to head back up the stairs all the way and head straight, straight to the area where I said not to go before which is past the pipe on your left and past the large machine on your right and past Irina Beckett.

Once you kill the initial two guys patroling the hallway, pull the large machine with your Companion Drone. Defeat him in the hallway and then pull the twin-rigged enemy with the drone. Once they are both dead, you'll have to pull each rocket guy one at a time. Be careful because there are holes in the ground in front of each, so you'll have to come in from the side or at an angle. Laying on the ground here is the Implant: Voltaic Dynamo v.1. Continue forward into Recycling


Conveyor Hub Tips/Notes

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