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Build Service Access is a Location in The Surge.


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Build Service Access Walkthrough

Head up the stairs on the left and speak with Jo in the pipe here and give her 10,000 Tech Scrap if you wish and then continue up the stairs. Skip the Exo-Lift for now and run across the piping. Break the two breakable mesh walls and use the Exo-Lift down to unlock the shortcut to the Material Depot. Go equip your Creo EX02 Prototype and spend your Tech Scrap then head back up and go up the Exo-Lift I just told you to skip for now. This is the boss fight: Big Sister 1/3 and it's much much harder than the previous two bosses.

The strategy here is the arms will alternate attacking one of 3 attacks, a lunge, a smash attack and a swipe attack. You'll have to learn to recognize which is which. Every second arm attack a laser will try to hit where your standing from the front and then a second or so later again where your standing from the back, so be sure to avoid that and don't attack unless you're sure you won't get hit. That's it for phase 1.

In phase 2 you will need to defeat the arms and the "head". The camera angle can be tricky here, but the best idea is to stay in one of the closest corners because only 2 arms can hit you there. Take one arm down and then another and then move to the other side and repeat. The laser will keep attacking you, so besure to dodge it and after a little while the floor will turn electric damaging you, so don't take too long. Make sure you have lots of heals and play aggressively, but only in these corners.

Finally in the last phase you will need to get close to the head, dodging it as you approach since it likes to lunge and you'll have to fight it in a zoomed out sort of setting. It's a bit weird, and it will take you a bit to get used to it, but you cannot move backwards or the camera will zoom in and if you do this a lot you will get killed by the camera angle, so learn to force yourself to stay close to the boss. Running attacks don't seem to work here, at least not the way they do normally, so slow swinging weapons that use these attacks are at a serious disadvantage. I suggest switching to something that has a faster attack speed for this part, or for the fight entirely. Really in this phase you want to play aggressively, you just don't want to get grabbed when she goes up off screen and comes down, so if you see her go up off screen dodge back and wait. She drops the weapon: Spitfire Rod (v2.0).

After the boss fight the platform will collapse and you may die. Do not worry, just head back there if that happens and you will see a path. Break the breakable wall here and head inside to pick up the Tech Scrap laying here. Head up some stairs and then the Exo-Lift. Break the mesh wall and head into the Service Shaft for Creo One. Heading forward will take you to Research & Development


Build Service Access Tips/Notes

  • At this point in the game you should have a good handle on the new ranged Liquidator enemies, so farming this area is a good way to scrounge tech scrap for leveling your new rig before engaging the Big Sister boss, or for building/upgrading some new armor - it's not difficult to make 25k scrap in a sweep, and more if you use the Reclamation Buddy implants.


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