CREO ex02 Prototype Rig



Implant Slots

17 in NG+

CREO ex02 Prototype Rig is a Rig in The Surge.


CREO ex02 Prototype Rig Details

A lightweight next-generation ATLAS-pattern Exo-Rig created for experimental applications. Constructed using classified fabrication methods, this Rig utilizes a relatively untested form-factor, but still supports the attachment of all standard gear types and allows for an increased number of implants.




CREO ex02 Prototype Rig Notes & Tips

  • Obtained in the shortcut from just before the entrance to Builder Service Access, leading back the Conveyor Hub, exiting in the room where one gets the IRONMAUS armor. It is located in the corner of a room with three armed security guards and a node you can overload with your drone, inside a glass display which must be smashed.



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    • Anonymous

      30 Nov 2018 03:48  

      Also available shortly upon entering the Cooling Tower, right after after meeting Irina Beckett for the second time(if she survived). The room to the immediate right containing three flame/gas enemies and the drone interface to open the shortcut also contains a glass display case containing this rig. If you shatter the glass the rig will become lootable.

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