Spitfire Rod V2.0


Damage Damage


Impact Impact


Attack Speed Attack Speed


Single Rigged Proficiency Scaling


Energy Gain Energy Gain


Elemental Damage


Crush Damage


Slash Damage


Thrust Damage


Spitfire Rod V2.0 is a Weapon in The Surge.


Spitfire Rod V2.0 Information

“ Claimed from the broken chassis of the rocket assembly platform Big SISTER 1/3, the Spitfire Rod houses an active plasma welding torch. The CREO safety manual for the Big SISTER platforms clearly states that they are hardcoded to immediately cease operation in the case of human presence in the work area, but contains no suggested actions for what to do if a Big SISTER fails to automatically pause construction.”


Spitfire Rod V2.0 Details

  • Charged horizontal attack/normal horizontal-vertical-horizontal attack is triple poke, charged vertical/normal vertical-horizontal-vertical attack is turning poke/strike. Each attack in triple poke does same amount of stability damage as standard attack. Attacks occasionally ignite enemies.


Spitfire Rod V2.0 Location/ Where to find

  • Drop by Big SISTER at Build Service Access
  • Version 2 can be obtained from defeating Big SISTER without killing more than 2 arms during the 2nd phase of the fight.


Spitfire Rod V2.0 Notes & Tips

  • Deals a significant amount of damage, owing to the high Crush and Thrust damage boosted with Elemental. Take note however that the impact is medium, meaning heavier and more stable foes require a bit more work to stagger.
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Spitfire Rod V2.0 Upgrade Table


 Upgrade Cost


Prof 10 Damage

Prof 20 Damage

Mk. I n/a n/a --- --- ---
Mk. II  n/a n/a 39  50  64 
Mk. III 2,966 9 49   63 81 
Mk. IV 6,835 9 58   75 95 
Mk. V 26,850 3      


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