Reclamation Buddy



Reclamation Buddy is an Implant in The Surge.


Reclamation Buddy Details

“Increases the amount of Tech Scrap gained by killing enemies.

Standard issue for employees of the Salvage/Reclamation. Recycling usable raw materials is essential to general operations at CREO, from assembling new gear to improving your Rig, so make sure to keep your Reclamation Buddy close at hand! ”



Reclamation Buddy v.1 Location/ Where to find


Reclamation Buddy v.2 Location/ Where to find

  • Greenhouse Facility


Reclamation Buddy v.4 Location/ Where to find

  • CREO Executive Forum - behind mesh door


Reclamation Buddy Notes & Tips

  • Reclamation Buddy implants stack with each other, granting you an increased scrap multiplier right off the bat. But it doesn't change the fact that you can still raise it by 200%. For example: if you have a v.1 implant you will start with a 1.10 multiplier, but you can raise it to a maximum of 3.10.
  • ??






Fitting Cost

ReclaimationBuddyv1 Reclamation Buddy v.1 Tech Scrap Gain +10% 2
Reclaimationbuddyv2 Reclamation Buddy v.2 Tech Scrap Gain +20% 3
ReclaimationBuddy4 Reclamation Buddy v.4 Tech Scrap Gain +40% 5



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