Reclamation Buddy



Reclamation Buddy is an Implant in The Surge.


Reclamation Buddy Details

“Increases the amount of Tech Scrap gained by killing enemies.

Standard issue for employees of the Salvage/Reclamation. Recycling usable raw materials is essential to general operations at CREO, from assembling new gear to improving your Rig, so make sure to keep your Reclamation Buddy close at hand! ”



Reclamation Buddy v.1 Location/ Where to find


Reclamation Buddy v.2 Location/ Where to find

  • Greenhouse Facility


Reclamation Buddy v.4 Location/ Where to find

  • CREO Executive Forum - behind mesh door


Reclamation Buddy Notes & Tips

  • Reclamation Buddy stack with each other, granting you right from the start rised Scrap Multiplaier, but it don't change the fact you can still rise it by 200%. So for example, if you have one v.1 implant, you start with 1.10 multiplaier, but you can rise it to 3.10.
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Fitting Cost

ReclaimationBuddyv1 Reclamation Buddy v.1 Tech Scrap Gain +10% 2
Reclaimationbuddyv2 Reclamation Buddy v.2 Tech Scrap Gain +20% 3
ReclaimationBuddy4 Reclamation Buddy v.4 Tech Scrap Gain +40% 5



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