Toxic Waste Disposal


Toxic Waste Disposal is a Location in The Surge.


Toxic Waste Disposal NPCs

  • Jo (hiding in a pipe)


Toxic Waste Disposal Enemies

Toxic Waste Disposal Items/Weapons/Gear


Toxic Waste Disposal Walkthrough

Speak with Jo who is inside the piping immediately after entering. She'll ask you for 5,000 Tech Scrap. If you give it to her she will thank you and then run away (this starts her mission chain if you give her the scrap). Head down the corridor and defeat the two new enemies. Be careful of the toxic waste on the floor. These new enemies can give you Liquidator Gear Schematics and the KLINGE Power Grip. Pick up the Audiolog: Official Announcement: "Raging Drones". Head forward and defeat the zombies and ARC Welding bot in the next room and pick up the Tech Scrap on the floor. Continue forward defeating enemies and head up the stairs and go straight, instead of left. Defeat the ARC Welding bot here and pick up the Audiolog: Journey in the Dark and head into the small room and pick up the Implant: Mechanized Counterweight v.1 . Head up the other stairs now and defeat the enemies here and pick up the Tech Scrap in the left corner. There is also the weapon: Reinforced Pipe laying her in a corner. Head forward and pick up the Audiolog: New Supplies.

There is a Security Door here that you won't be able to go through yet. It contains the Implant: Vital Boost v.5 and the Audiolog: Failsafe Protocol 97:17:04. Head down the stairs and defeat the zombie behind the breakable box. Overcharge (10) the power conduit here to power the elevator. This will unlock a shortcut back to the Operations Base. Once done, head back and left down the corridor and defeat the enemies here. Again be mindful of the Toxic Waste.

Head down the ramp and Overcharge (10) the power conduit on the right-hand side and pick up the Implant: Endurance Enhancer v.1 at the end of the corridor. This will allow you to open one of the locked doors here which is a shortcut back to Recycling. Head through this door defeat the enemy and open the shortcut. There is a breakable mesh wall that has an Exo-Lift that will take you down to the Implant: Vital Boost v.1. All that's left now is the boss.


Toxic Waste Disposal Tips/Notes

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