ARC Welding Machine is an Enemy in The Surge.

ARC Welding Machine Appearance and Behaviour.

ARC Welding Machines are medium sized machines that are first encountered in the Conveyor Hub, located in the 2nd area of the game. ARC Welding Machines have a rounded box like appearance with armour plating on the front side with a sensor in the middle and 3 wheels attached to limbs which it uses to move. The sides and back of the ARC Welding Machines have no armour plating on them. There is also a retractable welding apparatus mounted to the top of the Machine on its right side (your left).

Being a machine, the ARC Welding Mahicne does not have complex but rather simple behaviour. When the machine spots the player, it will move towards the player at a slow speed until it reaches a relatively close range, where it will begin attacking the player. The ARC Welding Machine will attempt to keep facing the player at all times when it is not attacking or performing an ability.

ARC Welding Machine Weakness.

The weak points  of the ARC Welding Machine are the exposed sides and back. When the machine is attacked here, the most amount of damage is done. However, since the front side of the ARC Welding Machine is armoured, attacking this face of the ARC Welding Machinhe will yield a very low amount of damage being dealt. It is not advised to attack the front of the machine alone as this will take an unnecessarily long time. Attacking the sides and rear of the machine are simple to perform and deal far more damage. Only consider attacking the front of the machine when it is on low health and not many attacks are needed to finish it off.

ARC Welding Machine  Attacks, Abilities and How To Fight.

The overall strategy against the ARC Welding Machine is to bait out its attacks and circle around it to strike it from the rear. This way, you will deal the highest amount of damage to it.

The ARC Welding Machine has multiple attacks and abilities it will use against the player.

The first attack is a simple lunge attack with its welding apparatus. The attack travells in a straight line and is easily dodged. The machine has a quick recovery time from this attack so, unless you have quick reactions and/or were perfectly positioned to take advantage of the opening, your counter-attack will probably hit the front face of the machine as it recoveres and spins round to face you and making your attack strike its armoured face.

The second attack is a sweep attack with its welding apparatus. The ARC Welding Machine will extend the welding apparatus out to the left and sweep it along the ground in a half-circle around itsef over to its right side. Once it has performed the sweep, it will do another sweep in the opposite direction, bringing the apparatus back to the left side. This attack lasts a long time, giving you plenty of time to circle around to its back and land some attacks.

The third attack is a Area Of Effect fire attack. The ARC Welding Machine will stop moving and raise itself up. It will spray some flammable liquid onto the ground all around itself and ignite it after a brief delay. This attack covers all around the machine, no matter where you are around the machine. As with the other attacks, it is easily dodged. This attack also lasts a long time, allowing the player the oportunity to circle the machine and strike its exposed sides and rear for big damage.

The ARC Welding Machines also has a number of utility abilities which it uses in a fight against the player.

The first attack is a Area Of Effect slow. The ARC Welding Machine will place a bubble of energy on the floor where the player is standing, slowing their movement speed to a walk and prevents them from dodging. While this ability does not cause damage directly, it does allow for the machine to close in for one of its damaging attacks. If caught in one of these bubbles, immediately walk to the edge of the bubble to free yourself from the slow.

The second ability is a pull ability. The ARC Welding Machine will produce a funnel of energy in front of it in the direction it is facing. After a brief delay, if the player is within the funnel of energy, they will be pulled from where they are and positioned directly in front of the machine. Unlike the ARC Welding Machine's bubble ability, the funnel does not slow the players movement speed nor does it restrict dodging. This ability lasts for a long time, giving the player plenty of time to circle around and land an attack on the machines exposed sides and back.

The third ability is a self-heal ability. The ARC Welding Machine will use its welding apparatus to repair itself, in turn, restoring health to itself. Like most of the other attacks and abilities, it leaves the machine open to the player circling the machine and dealing big damage to the machine.



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    • Anonymous

      It may be a bug but if you have enough damage output and "break" both of it's front wheel limbs before it does repairs the welding bot will freeze in place without being able to be targeted. It doesn't look like it was destroyed though because it doesn't burn up or give experience. Also tends to crash the game.

      • Anonymous

        Circle it and stay very close. It's double swing is actually an opening. It won't turn. You can move to its back and combo it. Same for its flame, if you have a quick weapon, you can tag it and jump back. You can also keep smashing its front leg until it tries to repair itself, then tag its back.

        • Anonymous

          If you damage its front legs (so they emit static) the machine turns much more sluggishly, making it far easier to circle behind. It often stops what it is doing and repairs its front legs which makes it even easier to hit the rear leg.

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