Recycling is a Location in The Surge.


Recycling NPCs

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Recycling Enemies


Recycling Items/Weapons/Gear


Recycling Walkthrough

Break the breakable box to the left and head inside to find some Tech Scrap. Continue down the corridor and into the open room on the right. Defeat the enemy here and pick up the upgrade materials and the audio log iconAudiolog: ***** Ferguson!. Continue forward in this room, defeating the Titan Zombie hidden on the left and the ARC Welding bot on the right. Head up the stairs and pick up the Implant: Tactile Omni-Boost v.1. Then head out of this room and forward down the corridor. 

Head up the exo lift iconExo-Lift on the right and defeat the enemy here before going left across the walkway. Up ahead are two rooms, one closed on the left and one open on the right. The one on the left opens a shortcut to the Operations Base so do that first before engaging the two enemies in the next room (spend your Tech Scrap if necessary). After defeating the enemies you pick up the audio log iconAudiolog: Implants - Side Effects. There is also a Med Station where you can refeal your injectibles. Use the control panel to extend the bridges and use the door controls to open the door below. You can use the other control panel to make the miniboss ??.

Head down the elevator and defeat the Smelter Bot on your right. Jumping across the gap, lying on the left side is an Implant: Kinasthetic Amplifier v.1. The miniboss is just like the one you fought in the Main Assembly Line. You will receive another Shining Coin for defeating him. Jump back across the gap and through the now open door by the large machine you killed (now on your left). Head through the door and defeat the enemy and the large machine there and pick up the audio log iconAudiolog: The Butcher and the weapon: Bloodhound. Head up the stairs and defeat the two enemies here and head right to unlock another shortcut to the Operations Base. Then head back but instead of going down, go straight down the runway and find the gap in the railing and drop on the containers to find the Implant: Reclamation Buddy v.1

Head forward, through the door at the end of the hall and defeat the enemy on the right then head down the stairs and defeat another enemy. Pick up the Implant: Endurance Enhancer v.1 under the stairs on the left-hand side. Defeat a few more enemies and overcharge iconOvercharge (10) the power conduit here, allowing you to open the door. There is also the Implant: Vanadium E-Cell v.1 lying in the corner behind the macinery. Open the door and head into Toxic Waste Disposal

Recycling Tips/Notes

  • You can use the console in the room upstairs from the Smelter bots (take the elevator) to separate the Smelters - using it once will separate them to be on different platforms in the main Recycling room, and using it again will put them back together.  The other console in the control room will extend and retract the bridges between the Smelter platforms.
  • If you gave Irina Beckett an MG Negotiator or the SERU HSS Biomaster, she will kill one of the Smelter bots for you.  This can make things easier if you find the Smelters difficult to kill, but you will forfeit the 3000 Tech Scrap that the Smelters are worth.  You can obviously get around that by killing the Smelters yourself before giving her a staff if you want to claim their Tech Scrap for your own.


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