• Liquidator Zombie

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The Liquidator Zombie Worker is an Enemy in The Surge.


Liquidator Zombie Worker Information

Liquidator zombie workers are common enemies wearing Liquidator Gear and wielding the KLINGE Power Grip. They behave similarly to LYNX Zombie Workersserving mostly to replace them in later areas of the game. Frequently seen near areas with toxic hazards present. They first appear in Toxic Waste Disposal.







Liquidator Zombie Worker Location

Location Health Tech Scrap Respawn
Central Production B (Toxic Waste Disposal) ? ? Yes
Central Production B (Circulation Tower) ? ? Yes
Research and Development (Restricted Area: Utopia Project) ? ? Yes
Research and Development (Bio Impact Research) ? ? Yes
Research and Development (Nano Production Hall) ? ? Yes
Research and Development (Utopia Loading Bay) ? ? Yes
Nucleus (Floor 01 - Cargo) ? ? Yes
Nucleus (Floor 02 - Refueling) ? ? Yes
Nucleus (Nitrogen Pump Station) ? ? Yes


Liquidator Zombie Worker Drop



Liquidator Zombie Worker Tips/Notes

  • Much like the LYNX zombies, many of the liquidator zombies will be minding their business and will leave you alone unless you get too close.
  • Some Liquidator Zombies play dead and will get to their feet when the player approaches. They can still be hit when they are lying on the ground.
  • Liquidator Zombies are often encountered near toxic pools, it is advisable to wear Liquidator Gear or Elite Hazard Gear  for the protection against toxic spills.


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