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Power Plant is a Location in The Surge .


Power Plant Information

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Power Plant Enemies


Power Plant Items/Weapons/Gear


Power Plant Walkthrough

Once down the stairs defeat the two enemies and pick up the Implant: Vital Boost v.1 right behind them. Then defeat the drone and two enemies just down the stairs being careful because one will try to ambush you and isn't easily visible. You can head down the steps on the left into a poisonous area where there is the weapon: Volatile Spectre, but you can easily die on the way, so it is best to come back to that area after the power has been restored here and you can see better. 

Up ahead is a worker trapped in a room on your left pounding on the door. You won't be able to free him until the power is restored, so continue on ahead and defeat the enemy and drone there. Just to the right is some Tech Scrap hidden in a breakable box. Continue down the ramp, defeating the enemies as you go, until you come to a control pad. Access it to acquire The Liberator - Arrest Warrant Audiolog. You will not be able to access the Security Door which contains the Implant: Vital Boost v.5, up ahead so you will head left.

Head up the Exo-Lift and defeat the enemies here, looting the Audiolog: Incidents from the watery area. To open the door here you will need the Companion Drone and the BOTECS Power Core, both of which you will get later in the game. Inside is a pair of unusual "Patchwork" zombies that are wearing mismatched gear, and the Audiolog: FAILSAFE PROTOCOL 00:00:19.  The two zombies are fairly easy to dispatch, but be warned that one of them is directly beside the door once you open it and he will rush you once you enter the room.  The other zombie (the one in the pit) is notably wearing CERBERUS Head Gear if you still need it or are farming for Mk IV head components - he is decidedly easier to kill than most CERBERUS Security Guards.  If you are in NG+, this guy is an excellent way to farm Mk IX head components. 

Up ahead and down the stairs is a tough enemy and you can Overcharge (10) the power conduit to restart the power. Be careful when fighting this enemy as he is super aggressive and can easily kill you. If you manage to sever his arms you will receive the Yosuke Butterfly weapon. He also drops the Implant: Medi-Voltaic Injection v.1. This Implant is very good for bosses so you'll want this for the boss fight.

After turning on the power head back up the stairs and head left. There are some more stairs here with a smashable box that has some Tech Scrap hidden behind it. Continue up the stairs and defeat the three enemies here. To the left, under the walkway, is a box you can break to find some more Tech Scrap. On the ground in the open room is a ASTir Vibro-Cutter if you haven't alreay found one. The closed door leads to the boss, so avoid it for now and head towards the Exo-Lift. Behind it is a breakable box and a drone which hides some more Tech Scrap. When finished head up the Exo-Lift.

Once up the lift, head up the stairs and around until you come to an enemy. Defeat him and head forward. There is an item you can get to the right if you jump, but it's hard to make it back so it's best if you defeat the enemy here first. He is more difficult than regular enemies, so be careful. He will also drop the Yosuke Butterfly and is wearing Rhino armor, so if you want pieces of this armor set, sever a leg, or head, he does not drop (torso or arms). After defeating him, head forward and across the ramp and then head left to find the Implant: Vital Injection v.1. Then head right and use the Exo-Lift to unlock the final shortcut for this area. Back track to the jump I mentioned a few paragraphs above to acquire the Implant: Voltaic Dynamo v.1

Now would be a good time to spend your Tech Scrap so either jump back across and use the Exo-Lift or drop down and just run back to the Operations Base. It is highly recommended that you equip the Medi-Voltaic Injection v.1 Implant at this point as it will make the boss fight much easier. Once you've banked (or spent) all of your scrap, head back down to the basement area and sprint past all of the enemies (don't stop to kill any of them), down to the ambush with the two Spectre zombies and Security Drone where you didn't go left earlier. This time take the left and down the ramp into the poisonous area. You're going to have to sprint through the drones and heal as you go - at the bottom of the ramp turn left. run past the boxes and then turn right and at the end of the hallway is the weapon: Volatile Spectre , you can try to run back out but it's simplest to just die and respawn. After you respawn, go back to the same place, but this time go ahead and open the door for the guy banging and yelling to be let out. He will attack you, so watch out. Be sure to sever his right arm to get the weapon: ENDAS RS3 'Titan'.  You only get one shot at this for now, so be sure to sever the limb or let him kill you so you can try again. This can also give you the Rhino Arm Schematic, but don't worry if you don't get the schematic, as it's obtainable from other enemies in the level. In the room behind him is the Implant: Blue X-Cables.

Power Plant Tips/Notes

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