Volatile Spectre


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Volatile Spectre is a Weapon in The Surge.


Volatile Spectre Information

“ASTir's SpectreBite is the heavy-duty answer to their Vibro-Cutter model, with extreme cutting power and a mounted single-rigged design to better handle its increased weight. This particular unit has incurred damage to its plasma nodes, causing  a dangerous and unpredictable loss of cohesion in the plasma beams.



Volatile Spectre Location/ Where to find

  • Power Plant - at the end of the tunnel flooded with toxic waste.
  • Unless you've got a pair of Elite Hazard Gear legs on, it's best to just make a special run for this weapon - bank all of your tech scrap, and then sprint past all of the enemies while you're still low level and have nothing to lose.  Run all the way to the weapon (going left to enter the waste, then right, it's behind one of the drones), pick it up, and then let the drones or poison waste kill you. When you respawn at Ops, you will have it in your inventory ready for use.


Volatile Spectre Notes & Tips

  • You need at least 8 Proficiency in Single-Rigged Weapons for this weapon to deal more damage than ASTir SpectreBite
  • Its high elemental Damage makes this version of the SpectreBite a very good Single-rigged Weapon that punch through most enemy Armor.




Volatile Spectre Upgrade Table


 Upgrade Cost


Prof 5 Damage

Prof 10 Damage

Prof 20 Damage

Prof 25

Mk. I 741 9 43   53    
Mk. II  6.835 9 53   66    
Mk. III 11.353 9 64   79     
Mk. IV 16,328 9 75   94    
Mk. V 26,850 3          
Mk. VI   45,202   9 111 123      
Mk. VII   60,837   9 129  143   200   
Mk. VIII   76,950   9 147  163    229  
Mk. IX   93,378   9 166  184   259   
Mk. X   26,850   3   205      315 



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    • 21 Jul 2020 14:29  

      This weapon indeed can carry you through entire game, be mindful most of it's damage is elemental, like 80% of it, so some enemies will be more resistant to it then others. In those scenarios it might be a bit underwhelming and perform like a lower tier weapon.

      • Anonymous

        24 May 2018 05:29  

        Probably the best single-rigged weapon in the game considering its stats vs when it is available. You can get this almost at the start of the game and it's more than strong enough to beat the game with.

        • Anonymous

          23 May 2018 03:18  

          this WILL CARRY YOU ALL THE WAY TO THE FIREBUG WITH EASE, especially if you enjoy the SR class... and the AP value of this thing lasts till you have a high tier v2 PAX or the Fractal.

          • 26 Sep 2017 04:37  

            A small tidbit: this weapon is a bit darker and greener than the regular Spectre, with rounder edges - making it an excellent visual match with the SCARAB set of gear.

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