"Patchwork" Zombie

Weakness Dodging, Impact Damage

Patchwork Zombies are an Enemy in The Surge.


Patchwork Zombie Information




Patchwork Zombie Location

  • There's usually two or three in each zone once you've unlocked NG+


Patchwork Zombie Drop

  • Patchwork Zombies will be wearing mismatched sets of armor - MG Cerberus legs, RHINO arms, PROTEUS heads - you name it, they can spawn with it.
  • They will usually spawn with an unusual weapon not wielded by the humanoid enemies you normally encounter, and can spawn with boss-only weapons like the Mimetic Edge, or world-loot weapons like the Fenris A-7 and CREO IP-75 'Inducer'

Observed Weapon Drops

 Patchwork Zombie Tips/Notes

  • Patchwork zombies are incredibly dangerous - they're very fast and hit extremely hard, and have VERY fast attack speeds, regardless of what weapon they're using.  Getting one that's got a normally slow Heavy-Duty weapon can be a serious fight.
  • Because they're wearing a "Patchwork" gear set, they tend not to have high stability, so you can use weapons with high impact against them to keep them from from getting in a lot of hits.
  • Patchwork zombies do not respawn after having been killed, like the CREO Security Guards in Central Production B and the Smelter Bots.
  • Patchwork zombies do not have a "locked-in" set of gear that they spawn with, so you can reset them by exiting to the main menu and reloading if you're trying to get a specific weapon or Gear piece off of one of them - do not kill anything or bank your tech scrap, or it will "lock" the one you're trying to reset.  You can avoid lock-in by using alt+F4 to crash the game (on windows) and back up your save, and then if they get locked in, you can reload the backed-up save file.
  • Some of their weapons are EXCEEDINGLY rare - it can take many many reloads of a save to get one to spawn with the weapon you want, and some of them don't change weapons on a reload or after resetting at Ops.


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