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Voltaic Dynamo is an Implant in The Surge.


Voltaic Dynamo Details

“ Increases the amount of energy gained through successful attacks.

Waste not, want not! Voltaic Dynamos convert your excess kinetic energy into a temporary power buffer that can be utilized by the Exo Rig. The energy gain from normal industrial interactions, like metal-on-metal recoil and sudden impact shocks, will help you work harder AND smarter! ”



Voltaic Dynamo V.1 Location/ Where to find


Voltaic Dynamo Notes & Tips

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Fitting Cost

VoltaicDynamo Voltaic Dynamo v.1 Energy Gain +20% 2
voltaicdynamo2 Voltaic Dynamo v.2 Energy Gain +30% 3
voltaic_dynamo_v5_implant Voltaic Dynamo v.5 Energy Gain +50% 10



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