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CREO Executive Forum is a Location in The Surge.


CREO Executive Forum Information

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CREO Executive Forum Enemies


CREO Executive Forum Items/Weapons/Gear


CREO Executive Forum Walkthrough

Head forward and defeat the large machine here. Pick up the Tech Scrap laying near the tree and head down the stairs on the opposite side. Defeat the enemy and loot the Tech Scrap ahead near another small tree. Head down the stairs and loot some upgrade materials next to another tree and pick up the Audiolog: Operation Ferguson in the corner. The head back up and go through the security checkpoint. Defeat the enemies here and loot the Tech Scrap in each corner of the gravel. Head through the Security Door and break the mesh door.

Head right and find the Implant: Plasmic Regenerator v.5 in some boxes. Then use the Exo-Lift to go down, defeat the machine here and then head down another Exo-Lift. Head forward, break the mesh door and loot the Implant: Reclamation Buddy v.4. Then use the Exo-Lift to unlock a shortcut to the Operations Base. Once done, double back up the Exo-Lifts and go left where you went right a minute ago and defeat the two enemies. Loot the Audiolog: Betrayed and some Tech Scrap behind some boxes. Head straight and break the mesh door and open the door behind it. 

Use the Contact Station immediately to your left to get the Audiolog: RE: RE: Decision Still Pending?!. Head forward and loot the Tech Scrap in the corner of the next room. Irina Beckett will be here if you helped her out through her quest line. If you sever her right arm she will drop the weapon Peacekeeper. There is a First Aid Station in this room and a Security Door. Open the Security Door, break the mesh door and then head to the next mesh door and Security Door. This will create a shortcut to this area. Head back into the other room and head through the other Security Door there. Defeat the enemies and loot the Implant: Medi-Voltaic Injection v.5 from the boxes on the right. Head up the stairs and loot the Audiolog: Alone from the gravel here.

Just behind where you came up the stairs is a Security Checkpoint with a few enemies. Defeat them and loot the Implant: Mechanized Counterweight v.4. Open the door and loot the Audiolog: Legacy and IRONMAUS #103 on the shelf. Head back out and break the trash can near the barrier at the far end to find some Tech Scrap. Defeat more enemies here and look for some more Tech Scrap hidden in gravel a bit higher up near a tree. This is a good place to farm for Mk. IV materials to upgrade your armor.

There are 2 more Security Doors here guarded by some enemies. In the one on the right you will find Don Hackett. You will find the Audiolog: Singularity near him. Use the door control to acquire the Implant: Pneumatic Calibrator v.4. Head into the next Security Door, on the left, and break the mesh door. Defeat the enemies and loot the Tech Scrap here then take the Exo-Lift down. Head forward and enter the Re-Education Camp and pick up the Audiolog: The Liberator - Interrogation Excerpt. Defeat the machine and use the drone above where the machine was to open up a shortcup back to OPS, then head back up. Enter the Security Door to the right of the stairs guarded by Security and take the lift down and enter the Server Room.


CREO Executive Forum Tips/Notes

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