Plasmic Regenerator



Plasmic Regenerator is an Implant in The Surge.


Plasmic Regenerator Details

Injectable that regenerates health over 30 seconds.

"Injects a rejuvenating solution into the bloodstream that rapidly binds with the blood plasma and spreads throughout the body. Plasmic Regenerators act as a stabilizer in the case of non-life-threatening injuries, quickly healing minor cuts and bruises. Im the case of serious injuries, Vital Injections are recommended before seeking more comprehensive medical care.”



Plasmic Regenerator V.1 Location/ Where to find

Plasmic Regenerator V.3 Location/ Where to find

Plasmic Regenerator V.5 Location/ Where to find


Plasmic Regenerator Notes & Tips

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Fitting Cost

Plasmic Regenerator v.1 Restores 3 Health per second 2
Plasmic Regenerator v.3 Restores 6 Health per second 4
Plasmic Regenerator v.5 Restores 12 Health per second 6
plasmic_regenerator_max_implant Plasmic Regenerator MAX Restores 24 Health per second 15


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