Security Bloodhounds are enemies in The Surge.

They are the upgraded form of Bloodhounds, first encountered in the Conveyor Hub area of Central Production B after completing Research and Development. Being an upgraded form of the Bloodhound, they have access to additional attacks, but otherwise, all the advice on that page applies.

Security Bloodhounds are fast, aggressive combatants, with medium durability. They have one targettable limb, the Tail, which can be severed to prevent them from using some of their attacks. However, as the remaining attacks are arguably more of a threat, this may not be always recommended.

The Security Bloodhounds use the following attacks:

  • Charging leap: The Security Bloodhound backs up slightly and gives a distinctive cry (lower pitched than its lesser version), before leaping an extremely long distance towards Warren. This attack is unblockable, and deals massive damage and impact if it connects, easily capable of killing Warren outright even at high or even full health. The Security Bloodhound prefers using this attack, and will do so often. While leaping, the Bloodhound has very limitd air control and the attack has a forgiving hitbox, making it fairly easy to dodge out of the way, but it should not be underestimated. Note that intervening obstacles will stop but not interrupt the leap, often letting the Security Bloodhound slide to the side and hit Warren in a seemingly safe position.
  • Kickflip: The Security Bloodhound lifts up on its front legs, delivering a kick with its rear ones and then performing a spin that launches it backwards a fair distance. This attack deals moderate to low damage and high impact and can be blocked, though the self-movement makes it unlikely to be countered. This attack is mostly used to gain distance and is usually followed by a leap. This is the only attack a tailless Security Bloodhound will use in melee, making it arguably more dangerous.
  • Tail strike: The Security Bloodhound raises up its tail and strikes with it forward, dealing moderate to high damage. This attack can be blocked and countered, however.
  • Tail swipe: Similar to the above, but indicated by moving the tail to the side and striking the area around the Security Bloodhound - harder to dodge, but can be blocked, or countered with a ducking attack.
  • Ground slam: The Security Bloodhound charges up its tail and slams it into the ground behind itself, creating a radial shockwave, similar to the staff attack used by Gorgon Security Guards. The Security Bloodhound will only use this attack if Warren is behind it.
  • Electrical wave: The Security Bloodhound gives a low sound and charges up its tail while at range, then slams it down to launch a wide, a slow moving electrical wave towards Warren. It will stun Warren if it touches him. To dodge this ability, wait untl the Security Bloodhound actually launches the wave, otherwise it will be launched towards you post-dodge.

Try to avoid fighting multiple Security Bloodhounds, as their leaps will make it very difficult to attack one without being hit or dying to another.

Severing the Security Bloodhound's Tail will always produce a Ancillary Core XL implant, which can be used or destroyed for a guaranteed 2,000 Tech Scrap. Farming these implants is possible but, given the threat posed by the Security Bloodhound, not recommended.

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    • Anonymous

      This damn thing has no right being this difficult. The bosses in this game are easier than 1 of these ****ers.

      • Anonymous

        i personaly recommend a high impact loudout like Rhino geer + a single-rigged or heavy-duty weapon, this Will propably stagger them about every hit, so you don't have to worry getting kickflipped in the middle of your combo. just back up when your outa Stamina.

        • Anonymous

          Get his tail for more items, if you want him dead, lock on his legs, he will take more damage, if you get the hang of timing his charge, you will find him quite open to attacks after it,

          • Anonymous

            jump over his shockwave and dodge for his leaping attack, then strike, elemental damage weapon is best for this machine.

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