Maintenance Robots are enemies in The Surge. They are first encountered in the Outer Sewers area of Resolve Biolabs, and continue reappearing throughout the game, often in mainteinance corridors and walkways. They have a tendency to patrol back and forth, and will often ignore the player as long as he stays behind them.

Once engaged in combat, Maintenance Robots are medium durability, medium speed combatants with a only one targettable limb, the Sensor Arm. The Sensor Arm can be severed, greatly reducing the variety of attacks available to the Maintenance Robot.

The Maintenance Robot will use the following attacks:

  • Charging attack: The Maintenance Robot backs up slightly, then surges a significant distance forward, dealing heavy damage and knocking Warren down if this attack connects. It can, however, be blocked.
  • Quick jab: The Maintenance Robot quickly lunges with the manipulators under its head. This attack deals low damage, but is almost impossible to dodge; thankfully the Robot only uses it when Warren is extremely close.
  • Coolant vent: The Maintenance Robot backs away, spraying a mist of coolant on the ground. The cloud deals low damage on its own, however, Warren cannot recover stamina while in it. The Robot will continue backing away if Warren tries to pursue, attacking with quick jabs. As Warren will have no stamina to attack with, he shouldn't pursue.
  • Arm strike: The Maintenance Robot lifts up its arm, then slams it down in front of itself, dealing medium damage and impact. This attack can be blocked and countered.
  • Laser Sweep: The Maiintenance Robot lifts up its arm, then fires a double laser at the ground in front of itself, then sweeps forward, dealing damage and igniting if it hits. The attack cannot be blocked, but has an extremely narrow hitbox that allows it to be dodged even in the narrow corridors the Robot likes to spawn in.
  • Laser Arc: Similar to the above, but the laser is instead swept in a close arc, telegraphed by lifting the arm and turning it to the side. This attack can be countered by a crouch attack.

The Maintenance Robot will also pick up any items it moves over. These items can be recovered by breaking the crate mounted on its back after destroying it.

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